Vol. 6, No. 8: October 2015  
Celebrate Seafood Sustainability
this National Seafood Month

According to the U.S. federal agency, NOAA, seafood sustainability means "catching or farming seafood responsibly, with consideration for the long-term health of the environment and the livelihoods of the people that depend upon the environment".
At Tropical, we believe in supplying sustainably sourced seafood in order to maintain abundant aquatic ecosystems. We are committed to building and maintaining partnerships with producers who understand the relationship between farm, environment and their surrounding communities.

This National Seafood Month, we'd like to recognize our partner's continuous efforts to bring you the freshest seafood available in the market.

Our partners are hard-working South American and European farmers and fishermen who appreciate and make responsible use of their surroundings. Their operations measure up to the industry's strictest food safety requirements and comply with sustainability certifications such as: 2-star BAP, ASC, IMO, MSC and EU Organic certification Debio.

Their farming operations focus on limiting habitat damage, preventing escapes, the spread of disease, and minimizing the use of wild fish in the feed to help offset pressure on wild fisheries. The fishermen we work with treat the ocean's resources with respect and utilize sensible fishing efforts to reduce their impact on the environment and promote the conservation of marine resources.

Tropical's focus is to minimize our footprint on aquatic ecosystems to ensure a lasting seafood supply. Through innovative practices we can bring you fresh, healthy seafood, free of chemicals, antibiotics, added preservatives or any other contaminant, sourced from both, reputable farms and wild fisheries managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.

This National Seafood Month remember that sustainability is based on the simple principle to meet today's demand without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
So, what are you waiting for? Make the shift to purchasing sustainable products like our offering of responsibly sourced products and discover the true meaning of absolute seafood excellence!
With partner farms in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, our tilapia is nurtured, harvested and processed with great skill and passion. All facilities measure up to the industry's highest standards to bring you the freshest, purest, chem-free product. The taste and overall quality of our tilapia comes from the care and expertise of our partners who raise and process our fish. All our farms and processing plants carry one if not a combination of certifications such as: 2-starBAP, ASC and SQF certifications.
Near the coast of Ecuador, Chanduy shrimp farm, provides the ultimate environment for rearing Ecuadorian white shrimp. The inland sand-bottom ponds are naturally replenished with Pacific Ocean water with every high tide, creating an ideal environment for shrimp cultivation. This unique coastal environment results in a world-class shrimp of crisp texture and superior taste. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certifies Blue Foot White Shrimp as sustainable.
Our Organic salmon is farmed in an environment fully exposed to strong currents and natural elements of the Norwegian Sea. The farm's location at sea and its low-stocking-density, provides vigorous exercise and excellent muscle formation in each salmon. Our salmon is certified as Organic by European organic certifying body, Debio.
Icelandic Cod
Our partner fishermen catch cod in the cold, energetic waters surrounding the Westman Islands. Iceland's Southern Coast is one of the biggest Icelandic fishing stations surrounded by rich fishing grounds. The cod is shipped directly to us within 48 hours after catch. Icelandic cod is never treated with preservatives to enhance freshness and is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
Our Cobia is sourced from Ecuador's first mariculture site, chosen for its optimal currents and depths that allow for constant water exchange. Cobia is an oily whitefish characterized by its clean, sweet, buttery flavor and a texture that remains moist and firm when cooked. The delicate flavor and culinary versatility of our fresh 5-10 oz. Cobia fillets will make it a perfect retail item for cook-at-home seafood consumers and the perfect gourmet choice of chefs and dine-out consumers. 

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Q: What are the top 4 farmed seafood items imported in the United States?
 A: The United States imports up to 90 percent of its seafood, about half of which is from aquaculture. Most aquaculture imports are shrimp, followed by Atlantic salmon, tilapia and shellfish (scallops, mussels, oysters and clams).
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Spanish Tilapia Stew

Spanish Stew Video
Think Espaola!
This stew is perfect for these cool fall days! The unique flavors from the Iberian peninsula are bound to make this stew your new favorite!
Click here for the recipe.  
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Earlier this month, we welcomed Erik Deppert to the Tropical office. Erik has joined the sales team as an Account Manager. Let Erik know what you are looking for and he'll work to get it right to you!

Beatriz Gomez, Marketing Manager reached her 6th anniversary at the Tropical office this month - Congratulations!
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