Vol. 6, No. 6: July 2015  

Product Update: Ocean Farm S.A. Cobia
In April of this year, we revealed that Tropical will be the exclusive supplier in the U.S. of Fresh Ecuadorian Cobia produced by Ocean Farm S.A.

Ocean Farm S.A. successfully stocked their first open ocean cage in April - setting a milestone in the Ecuadorian seafood industry. On that day, under the presence of the Ecuadorian Vice President, Jorge Glas and other Ecuadorian authorities, Ocean Farm moved 100,000 cobia fingerlings to their new home. 
Three months after Ocean Farm stocked the first pen, the cobia has proven to have a rapid growth rate and has yielded excellent results in the farm's projections. Following the success of the first net pen, Ocean Farm successfully stocked the second open ocean cage at the end of June. 
It is projected that the fast growth rate of the cobia will enable Ocean Farm to harvest the first fish by mid-October and begin exports of fresh cobia fillets to the U.S. market by end of October. 
Fresh cobia from Ocean Farm S.A. will be all natural, free of hormones, colorants, pesticides, prophylactic antibiotics and other harmful contaminants. 
The National Fisheries Institute of Ecuador (INP) is currently monitoring the farm for their sustainability efforts and healthy growth of fish. Ocean Farm is also programmed to apply for GlobalG.A.P. certification later this year. 
In recent months, cobia has gained recognition in the American culinary world for its incredible culinary qualities. Cobia is characterized by its clean, sweet, buttery flavor and firm texture capable of holding moisture when cooked - it doesn't dry out or fall apart from excess heat! 
And, if the cooking versatility is not enough; cobia is a healthy fish that is naturally high in Omega-3. Its delicate flavor and high nutritional value make cobia a chef favorite and the perfect gourmet choice! 
Fresh cobia from Ocean Farm will be flown overnight directly from Ecuador into Miami, New York and Los Angeles.
The cobia will be available as:
5-7 oz. fillets, skinless pin-bone out
Shipped in 10 Lbs. cases. 

Call your sales representative for more information!
(800) 277-3459
"Eat Tilapia", The Latest Expert Endorsement
How do you decide which tilapia is the freshest and tastiest? Let your tastebuds be the judge! 

If that's not enough; in Time magazine's  most recent endorsement  "Should I Eat Tilapia?", food experts say that "tilapia is a fine fish to put on your dish". At 23 grams of protein per 4-ounce serving, tilapia is a great source of protein. 

At Tropical, we continuously work to build and maintain strong partnerships with the people who produce our fish. We work together to raise, process and deliver the freshest, purest tilapia in the North American market. 

Our tilapia are nurtured and harvested as true to nature as possible. The skilled Latin American farmers we partner with in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico understand and make responsible use of their surroundings.

With farms in multiple geographic locations, we are able to ensure a year-round supply of the highest quality, fresh tilapia in the market.  

The tilapia farms and processing plants we work with, measure up to the industry's highest standards and carry one, if not a combination, of certifications, such as: 2-star BAP, ASC and SQF. In addition, the farms and processing plants ensure that the working conditions are safe and comply with social accountability audits such as, SMETA and SA8000, as well as HACCP food safety standards.

Our commitment is to supply the freshest, purest tilapia, free of chemicals, pesticides, growth promoters, additives, preservatives or any other contaminants. With daily direct flights into major airport hubs, Tropical tilapia arrives fresh, seven days a week.

When our tilapia arrives at major US entry-ports, it arrives fresh, 24 hours off the knife - it doesn't get any fresher! 

Upon arrival, our unparalleled logistics team and distribution partners work around-the-clock to transport fresh fish from the closest port of entry to locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, fast and on time.

Our farming practices are artisanal and recognized for producing a wholesome fish without harming the farm's natural surrounding habitat. In fact, The Monterrey Bay Aquarium - Seafood Watch program recognizes our tilapia as sustainable and ranks it as "Best Choice" tilapia to consume. 

Call your sales representative to learn more about our tilapia! 
(800) 277-3459
Q: Why did ancient Egyptians wear Tilapia amulets? 

A: Amulets of tilapia were perceived to possess fertility power as it was widely considered a symbol of regeneration and reproductive strength in ancient Egypt. 

Tilapia Burgers

Think Lean Grilling!
Next time you fancy a burger, try this super easy tilapia burger recipe! Give it a squirt of lime juice, top it off with crunchy summer salsa and enjoy a healthy, lean summer dish! Click here for the recipe.
Staff Notes

This month, we are celebrating a handful of birthdays. We kicked off the month with Matthew Busko, Logistics Coordinator's birthday on July 1st. On July fourth, Victoria Martinez, Sales Representative, celebrated her birthday. We'll be closing the month with Roberto Cabrera, Logistics Coordinator's birthday on July 29th! Happy Birthday to All! 

This summer we welcomed Ronnie Beardsley, Brian Smith and Patrick Rawls to the Tropical team. As our new Account Managers, Ronnie  and Patrick will be talking to you about our products and taking your orders. Brian will be working with the logistics team tracking our shipments and ensuring prompt delivery of your fish. Welcome to the team!
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