Vol. 6, No. 5: May 2015  

Tilapia Farm Piscícola El Rosario, ASC Certified


We'd like to congratulate our partner producer Piscícola El Rosario for reaching another milestone in their sustainability journey and attaining the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification at their farm this month.

In 2009, Piscícola El Rosario began their tilapia production operation in a region known as Antioquia, which is located in the Central Northwestern region of Colombia. The farming project was initiated by a group of Colombian businessmen with interest in investing in vulnerable regions of the country. 

El Rosario's mission is the wellbeing of their workers, the betterment of their quality of life and to treat workers well to make them better Colombian citizens. 

Today, El Rosario's farming project has created a very positive impact as it contributes to the strengthening of the local economy by creating jobs, products and services. 

In 2012, Piscícola El Rosario was integrated into Tropical's tilapia network with the vision to supply responsibly farmed tilapia while offering safe working conditions to supply a year-round supply of fresh tilapia. 

By 2013, the hard work of El Rosario was demonstrated through their commitment to responsible practices and their attainment of Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification at the farm level. Today, the farm runs in accordance with both BAP and ASC certifications. 

The farm utilizes raceways, which are monitored and diligently maintained under these stringent standards. Their formulated feed contains ingredients from sustainable sources and complies with nutrient requirements for farmed tilapia. El Rosario's FIFO (fish in and fish out) ratio is Zero, making them a net contributor to the global fish supply. 

Claudia Reyes, Quality Control Manager at Piscícola El Rosario, said "The ASC certification gives us assurance that we are doing things right, while taking care of the community and of the environment. It also serves as our letter of guarantee so that new customers can include us in their privileged supplier network". 

El Rosario's modern processing plant is strategically located in conjunction with the farming facilities, which makes it possible to harvest the fish, process it, and pack it, all within 30 minutes! 

To complement the farm's certifications, El Rosario's processing plant underwent the certification process for attaining the Marine Stewardship Council's (MSC) Chain of Custody certification. By attaining the Chain of Custody certification, El Rosario is able to assure that the ASC product you are receiving has indeed originated from a tilapia farm certified under the ASC standard. 


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A: Whiteleg Shrimp is native to the Eastern Pacific coast; from Sonora, Mexico in the North, through Central and South America and as far South as Peru. Whiteleg shrimp originate from areas where water temperatures are normally >68°F throughout the year. 
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Staff Notes

This month we celebrated a couple of anniversaries and a couple of birthdays. On May 19th, Karen Cleary, Staff Accountant, reached her 12th year working with the Tropical team. On May 17th, Roberto Cabrera, Logistics Coordinator, celebrated his 11th anniversary at the Tropical office. Thank you both for your dedication and congratulations! 

Clemente Pino, International Logistics Coordinator, will celebrate his birthday on May 30th. One day later, on May 31st, Lorena Schwarz, Food Safety and Environmental Standards Manager will celebrate her birthday.  Feliz Cumpleańos to both

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