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Issue 55 : September 2014  

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Blue Foot White Shrimp


As we approach the last quarter of the year, America's #1 consumed seafood is sure to continue to hold its place at the top of the charts.


Our partner shrimp farm, Chanduy, has been family owned since 1984 and is vertically integrated from hatchery to the moment we are ready to ship.  


For the past 30 years, Chanduy farm has continuously produced shrimp on the Western coast of Ecuador. The farm comprises over 3,500 acres of sand bottom ponds, allowing us to raise Ecuadorian white shrimp in a low-density environment to avoid overcrowding and promote good health.  


The ponds are constantly replenished with fresh tidal water, which contributes to a more natural habitat and results in a shrimp best described for having a uniquely succulent, sweet flavor, crisp texture and a bright pink/orange color.  


Chanduy's shrimp production has been key in the development of Ecuadorian aquaculture. They were pioneers who developed an integrated reproduction program for crustacean larvae and were the first shrimp producers to stop capturing wild larvae. The closed reproduction program at Chanduy was the first step towards achieving a long-term sustainable shrimp production.  


Today, Chanduy uses solely cultivated animals, which allows them to maintain a healthy stock while reducing the risk of introduced outside parasites. The farm never uses antibiotics, growth promoters or mammal proteins during production.


At Tropical, we are committed to delivering premium products while maintaining healthy farming habitats as well as their surroundings. The Swiss-based Institute of Marketecology (IMO) validates Chanduy's practices as sustainable and responsible. In addition, for every shrimp purchase a donation is made to the Charles Darwin Foundation for the conservation of Ecuador's Galapagos Islands.


While looking for a fresh shrimp supply, you can turn to Tropical to fulfill your fresh shrimp needs. Blue Foot White Shrimp is flown fresh, free of chemicals or preservatives into US ports in less than 36 hours of harvesting and has 8 days of shelf-life.  


Blue Foot White Shrimp is available as: Easy Peel, Head On, Head Off and Peel & Deveined, in a variety of sizes. Click here for product specifications.   



QUESTIONS? Contact Us Today! (800) 277-3459 


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Q: From where does White Shrimp originate? 
A: White shrimp are native to the Eastern Pacific Ocean, from the Mexican state of Sonora as far south as Northern Peru. White shrimp enjoys cozy temperatures -- they are restricted to areas where the water temperature remains above 20C (68F) throughout the year.
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Think Tailgate Heat!
The hot sauce infused with pure maple syrup will create a savory explosion in your mouth - perfect for your next tailgate party! Click here for the recipe.
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Staff Notes

This month Victoria Martinez, Sales Representative, celebrated her 2nd year anniversary with the Tropical team! Thank you for your hard work and congratulations! 

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