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Issue 51 : May 2014  

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Recently, we partnered with Vinnslustödin (VSV) to bring you the freshest supply of MSC certified Icelandic Cod fillets and loins. VSV was founded in 1946 and today is the largest company in the Westman Islands.


VSV's Cod operations are within Iceland's fisheries jurisdiction and adhere to standards such as MSC and Chain of Custody. Global Trust Certification Ltd. audits and certifies VSV's operations.


Their fishing vessels operate out of Iceland's Southern coast, one of the biggest Icelandic fishing stations surrounded by rich fishing grounds. Icelandic fishing grounds have closures and openings to maintain a healthy stock. For VSV, treating the ocean's ecosystem with respect and using all the ocean's resources in moderation is the foundation to continue to uphold sustainable fishing.


VSV's proprietary processing plant is strategically located on the shore of the Westman Islands, which makes it possible for their vessels to bring to shore the freshest fish. With direct flights from Iceland to JFK and Boston on Icelandic Air, VSV's fresh Icelandic Cod is available to the North American market within 48 hours after catch!


Fresh Icelandic Cod is Available as:


Skinless fillets, Pin bone out, J cut:

12-24 oz.

24-48 oz.


Skinless, boneless loins:

6-8 oz.

8-10 oz.

15-20 oz.


Guaranteed traceable all the way back to its origin.


Order Today!      (800) 277-3459     ¤


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Q: How does shrimp sense gravity?

A: Both shrimp and lobster are able to sense gravity by the sand they store in boxes in the sides of their heads. So, if either of these creatures is kept in a tank without sand and it molts (sheds its shell), it will not be able to fill the boxes with sand. Without sand, it will be unable to maintain its balance and will stand on its head. 

Source: Amazing Facts in Science, By Don Blattner - Page 38
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Grilled Shrimp Pizza
Think Rustic Grilling!
This recipe from the Food Network Kitchen is easy, lean and it will create a savory explosion in your mouth! Click here for the recipe.
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Staff Notes

This month, we welcomed a new team member to the Tropical office. James Lamountain is new to our Customer Service team. James is a true Vermonter! If you ever travel to Vermont, you may have seen him since he had been working in the hospitality field with the Vermont State Parks prior to giving the seafood industry a chance. James likes the outdoors, loves fishing and enjoys the Vermont rural life. Welcome on board!
We also celebrated a couple of team member anniversaries. On May 8th, Roberto Cabrera, Logistics Coordinator, reached his 10th year anniversary working with the Tropical team. Karen Cleary, Staff Accountant, celebrated her 11th year anniversary at Tropical on the 19th of this month. Congratulations to both and thank you for your dedication! 
We will close the month with a birthday celebration. Clemente Pino, our International Logistics and Production Coordinator, who resides in Ecuador will celebrate his birthday on the 30th of this month - we wish you a Feliz Cumpleaños!
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