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Issue 48 : January 2014  

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Expanding Our Tilapia Network
We are proud to announce the reintegration of C.I. Piscícola Botero S.A. to our growing cooperative of tilapia farms. Botero was established in 1993 in the municipality of Huila, 35 Km from Neiva, Colombia. 

The farm cultivates tilapia at 1,827 feet above sea level, in the Betania Reservoir. They raise tilapia in a cage system situated at the confluence of the Magdalena River and the Yaguará River. 
Piscícola Botero is considered the pioneer of aquaculture systems in the area. They lead to an increase in aquaculture producers in the Betania Reservoir. For over 15 years, important aquaculture projects have developed in the Betania area. Altogether, the area produces more than 50% of the tilapia production nationwide. 
Piscícola Botero's production is completely integrated with optimal farming practices throughout the entire process, from hatchery to processing.  
During harvesting, all fish are transported live from net pens to the processing plant, in trucks with a capacity to transport 3 tons. Once at Botero's modern processing plant, the fish is chilled immediately, prior to entering the processing line. More than 60 highly trained employees process the fillets for the international market. 
The Quality Control team is in charge of visually checking the color, odor and texture of the fillet, so that you receive only the highest quality product.
The cold chain is maintained from the moment the fish leaves the municipality of Hobo to the moment it arrives to the city of Bogotá, where it is then flown to the United States. 
Because our fish are grown in a variety of locations, we are better able to avoid unexpected obstacles or delays due to weather or transportation issues. This allows us the flexibility to substitute any day's  harvest. Despite our complex structure, our tracking systems enable us to track every fish all the way back to the source. 
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Annual Donation to the Charles Darwin Foundation
Blue_Footed_BoobyAt Tropical, we are committed to the conservation of natural habitats. With your support, we were able to contribute to the research and preservation of Ecuador's Galápagos Islands for the 3rd consecutive year. 
For every pound of Blue Foot White Shrimp you purchase, a contribution is made to the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) in the Galápagos Islands. 
Research has been conducted by the CDF since 1959 and it remains the foremost scientific organization in the Galápagos. Every year, over 100 visiting scientists travel there to utilize their infrastructure and further scientific research. The organization does not receive government funding and relies solely on private support to continue their important work. 
We are proud to supply you with fresh, responsibly farmed, Ecuadorian White Shrimp while contributing to the conservation of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Gearing up for Seafood Expo North America 2014
We are less than two months away from the industry's largest seafood trade event in North America. Don't miss your chance to see, smell, touch and taste all the fresh items in our product line. Visit us at booth #333 and discover what makes our products truly unique and of unparalleled quality.
We are excited to unveil the new additions to our product line, so stay tuned for new product introductions and offers. 
We want to hear from you! Let us know if you're looking for a particular item or if you'd like to schedule a meeting with anyone from our team.
See you at the Boston Convention Center, March 16 - 18, Booth 333. 
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Q: What are cleaner wrasses?
A: The wrasses are a family, Labridae, of marine fish, many of which are brightly colored. They are efficient carnivores, feeding on a wide range of small invertebrates. At salmon farms like Villa Organic, for example, these "cleaner fish" live alongside salmon keeping them healthy by eating the parasites that naturally pray on the salmon. 
 Source:  Wikipedia: Wrasse
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Baked Tilapia Topped with Roasted Peppers and Ham
Think Chili Pepper Madness!
Craving something spicy? Heat up the oven and stay warm this winter with this healthy baked tilapia recipe. The peppers and ham are the perfect toasty addition to a mild fish.  Click here for the recipe.
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Staff Notes

Staff_NotesThis month two team members celebrated anniversaries. Rosie Barmann, Administrator - A/R, celebrated her 14th year at Tropical and Ingrid Wisell, Administrative Assistant, reached her 5th year with the team. Congratulations and Thank You for your dedication! 

We also started the year with a birthday celebration. Shari Williams, Staff Accountant blew the birthday candles on January 16th - Happy Birthday!  


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