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Issue 45 : October 2013  

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Fresh White Shrimp For The Holidays

As we all know, this year's shrimp production has faced challenges; from the EMS crisis in Thailand to the Norwegian shortage in wild catch this summer. With the holidays only 4 weeks away, America's #1 consumed seafood is sure to continue to hold its place at the top of the chart. While looking for fresh shrimp supply, you can turn to Tropical to fulfill your needs. 
At Tropical, our shrimp production offers a variety of sizes and presentations of L. vannamei (white shrimp). Branded under the name Blue Foot White Shrimp, our shrimp is raised on the coast of Ecuador in sand-bottom ponds. Blue Foot White Shrimp is flown to US ports in less than 36 hours of harvesting and has 8 days of shelf life.
The location of our farms allows a natural mixture of pure mountain water and saltwater to enter the farms with every high tide. The size of the farms allows the shrimp to grow in a low-density environment to avoid overcrowding, promote good health and eliminate the need for chemicals and antibiotics. The Swiss-based Institute of Marketecology (IMO) validates our eco-friendly shrimp practices.
Our farming methods have proven to be sustainable, responsible and in fact, may hold some answers to a consistent shrimp supply. At this year's GOAL conference in Paris, France; attendees had the opportunity to discuss the clues that may lead to the solution of EMS. Amongst others, these include:
  • Survival in ponds is better if well water is used instead of surface water. It may be possible to simulate ground water by fine filtration of surface water.
  • Although P. monodon (Asian tiger shrimp) die when fed pellets coated with V.parahaemoticus, they don't usually die in ponds. This suggests their behavior is different than L. vannamei (white shrimp) and reduces their exposure in ponds. 
  • Chlorination and addition of nutrients such as molasses may be counterproductive in managing EMS, because chlorination kills competing bacteria, and nutrients may stimulate the growth of V. parahaemolyticus.                                                      
    Read more on Tuesday, Oct 8th's discussion at GOAL. 

While the industry may introduce new hypothesis and ask new questions, there is no doubt that the demand for shrimp will hit your front steps in the next month. Our sales team at Tropical, is ready to ship you some of the freshest shrimp without any chemicals or preservatives - you'll find the same freshness as in our tilapia! 


Call a customer service representative today and don't miss out on the freshest, tastiest shrimp available in the market! (800) 277-3459 

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GOAL 2013 - Paris, France
For the seventh consecutive year, Tropical was proud to support the Global Aquaculture Alliance's (GAA) "Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership" (GOAL) conference that took place in Paris, France earlier this month. 

Attendees of GOAL 2013 participated in 50 discussions revolving around this year's theme "Join the Journey", which invited the industry to be part of the responsible aquaculture discussion and learn directly from the industry's leaders.

At the conference, attendees opened a dialogue on the industry's five major challenges presented at the conference's welcoming speech by GAA Executive Director, Wally Stevens:
  1. Health and Disease Management
  2. Feeds
  3. Environmental and Social Accountability
  4. Investment Capital
  5. Market Support
In addition, Stevens mentioned the sixth major challenge emerging in the industry, (6) leadership; with a message of leadership development, which he said, "is critical to the long-term sustainability of aquaculture". 
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Q: What distance does organic farmed salmon swim before reaching market size?
A: Most producers hatch salmon eggs inland in freshwater for approximately a year, then they are transferred to giant pens, where they spend an average of 18 months and swim the equivalent of 13,000 Kms before reaching market size.  That's one third of the earth's circumference! 

Source:  Organic Salmon Farming - Bord Bia Irish Food Board
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Shrimp Zucchini Salad  
Think Refreshing Crunch!
The fun zucchini ribbons and crunch of the shrimp create a beautiful light salad. Your guests will be impressed! Click here for the recipe.
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Staff Notes

This month, Beatriz Gomez, Marketing Manager, reached her 4th year as the creative guru at Tropical. 

Lisa Falasco, Controller and Craig Appleyard, VP of Operations and Business Development celebrated their 9th anniversary leading us. 

Congratulations to all and thank you for your dedication!


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