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Issue 44 : September 2013  

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Irish Organic* Salmon for National Seafood Month
Next month is National Seafood Month. In celebration we are highlighting America's third most popular seafood, salmon. In 2010 we partnered with Irish Organic* aquaculture farms certified by the Organic Food Federation of the EU.
Irish Organic* Salmon has a reputation of having firmer flesh and being of premium quality, which reflects the unique environment and hydrography of the organic farms. The salmon farms we are partnered with raise their fish in sites exposed to the strong currents and natural elements brought on by the rugged coast of the Island of Ireland. The exposed farming sites simulate the natural habitat of wild salmon which contributes to the ideal "condition factor" of these farms. The "condition factor", as outlined in the Irish Government's salmon specification, explains how the unique environment in which the fish is raised affects the vibrant flesh color, body shape and the relationship between length and weight, resulting in a fish with consistent characteristics. 
Organic regulations deal with production aspects such as animal welfare conditions, including maximum stocking densities (10 Kg/ m3)  in seawater net pens and specifies that biodiversity should be respected. The EU Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine states that organic aquaculture prohibits the use of "induced spawning by artificial hormones" and  that organic feed should derive from "sustainably managed fisheries or composed of agricultural ingredients from organic farming and of natural-non agricultural substances". 
Upon reaching maturity, Irish Organic* Salmon are harvested using humane methods, causing minimal stress, physical damage and maintaining the quality of the fish. Once harvested, every salmon is immediately chilled in iced water to reduce the core temperature of the fish and maintain the premium characteristics and taste that you look for.
So, this seafood month, bring a taste of Ireland to your customers and show them why Irish Organic* Salmon deservedly continues to hold its reputation as a high quality unique product! 
Contact your Sales Representative TODAY to place your order! (802) 747-6311
* Certified Organic by the Organic Food Federation of the EU.
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Q: How can fish camouflage?
A: Like salmon, most fish are counter-shadded: darker on top, gradually lighter or silver on their sides and brightest on their bellies. Seen from above, beside or below, this pattern makes them less visible in the water column against the background color of the water. 

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Think Smart Cakes!
Add this great brain food to your child's diet once a week. These child-sized salmon cakes combine mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese - two kid favorites! Click here for the recipe.
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Staff Notes
This month, we had two reasons to celebrate in the Customer Service department!
Victoria Martinez reached her 1 year anniversary with the Tropical team and Peggy Greene celebrated her 1st birthday with us - Congratulations and Happy Birthday!  

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