Issue 38 : March 2013


We enjoyed seeing you in Boston! In this issue we feature Monterrey Bay Aquarium's Tilapia update on the Seafood Watch - Seafood Guide and a review of this year's International Boston Seafood Show!
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First "Green Rated" Tilapia from 
Central and South America

Seafood_Watch_GuideEarlier this month, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium published an updated Seafood Watch - Seafood Guide, in which our Tilapia farmed in Ecuador is the first one in Central and South America listed as a "Best Choice" of seafood to purchase. 

Seafood Watch has become one of the best-known guides for sustainable seafood, as it raises awareness on the importance of buying seafood from sustainable sources at the consumer level. In order to reach consumers, Seafood Watch guides are available as pocket guides, mobile apps and interactive maps

The Seafood Watch guide lists seafood recommendations under categories such as, "Best Seafood Choices" [Green], "Good Alternatives" [Yellow], as well as "Fish to Avoid" [Red]. The listing's rating is based on the environmental impact and potential harm to marine life resulting from species that are fished/over-fished and/or farm raised. 

Tropical Ecuadorian Tilapia is farmed in a responsible and sustainable manner in order to meet both the strict aquaculture standards set by distinguished certifying bodies and increasing consumer demand. Today, our responsible tilapia practices are backed by third-party certifications: 2-star BAP, ASC, GlobalG.A.P., ISO and SQF. 

Our responsibly farmed tilapia is 100% traceable from farm to consumer, allowing us to trace each and every one of the fish we sell all the way back to where it hatched! This enables us to bring you a fish that is safe for you and does not harm the environment during production.

The Seafood Watch guide features seafood alternatives that are good for our health and do not harm the oceans. Their recommendations are updated regularly online and can be viewed by visiting 

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IBSS 2013 in Review


This month's seafood trade show marked Tropical's 18th year of attendance at the largest seafood exhibition in North America, the International Boston Seafood Show. At this year's successful event, we caught the attention of key buyers and industry players from around the world by showcasing our award winning products through innovating displays and mouthwatering samples.


In our booth, we showcased fresh Tropical Tilapia, fresh and frozen Blue Foot White Shrimp, fresh Panamanian Rainbow Trout, fresh Organic Irish Salmon and fresh pasteurized Irish Rock Crab. At the show opening, we unveiled the newest addition to our product line; fresh, farm raised Canadian Steelhead Trout sourced from our new partner company, Cold Water Fisheries. All products were showcased in our fresh seafood display and served as delicious samples for all who visited us.


Throughout the three convention days, visitors had the opportunity to see our displays located in key areas of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. At registration, we greeted visitors with our column wraps listing our product offerings. Upon arriving at the North lobby, visitors saw a revolving snapshot of each of our products, sustained by a base portraying the founding principles behind everything we do! The eye-catching fish display at our booth took attendees for a travel back in time with the presence of a 1920's Ford Model T displaying our fresh products in a vintage-fish-market style.


At our sampling area, Chef Robert Barral and assistant Jesse Mallery from Café ProvenceVermont, delighted thousands of visitors with their culinary creations including, Tilapia with Lobster Szechuan Sauce, Shrimp Provençal, Steelhead Trout with Lemon Butter Sauce, Crabmeat with Chipotle Aioli, among others!


We enjoyed seeing you in Boston! If we missed you at the show and you would like to learn more about our products or if you'd like to taste Chef Robert's recipes, stay tuned to  for product updates and this year's recipes!

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Want to understand more about the various certifications that we carry? Keep reading! 


Q: What is the Feed Management criterion covered by various standards?   

A: Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), GlobalG.A.P. and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) have slightly different approaches to cover this issue. The ASC standard for tilapia, International Standard for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture (ISRTA), focuses on the sustainable sourcing of ingredients and the efficiency of the feed by setting two measures; (1) the Feed Fish Equivalency Ratio (FFER) and (2) nitrogen and phosphorus consumption.

BAP includes a more practical application by considering the condition of the environment, by adjusting the use of feed during production and setting a maximum allowable daily feed input level. 

GlobalG.A.P. focuses on contamination and traceability. Just like BAP and ASC, GlobalG.A.P. requires feed records, including feed adjustments and daily feed consumption data. 
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Steelhead Trout with Lemon Butter Sauce

Zesty and Creamy!
This culinary recipe by Chef Robert Barral is versatile, light and simple to cook! Click here for the recipe.


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Staff Notes
This month, Deborah Kendall, Financial Analyst Manager, reached her first year anniversary with the Tropical team - we're glad to have you onboard!
We celebrated three Martian birthdays this month. We kicked off the celebrations with Ingrid Wisell, Executive Coordinator on the 4th, followed by Karen Cleary, Staff Accountant on the 18th and closed the month with Beatriz Gomez, Marketing Manager on the 26th of this month - Feliz Cumpleaños to All!
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