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Issue 37 : February 2013


We are headed to the International Boston Seafood Show! This month's newsletter features the latest certification achievement at Piscicola New York S.A., Colombian tilapia plant, our 2012 annual donation to the Charles Darwin Foundation and a preview of what's to come in Boston at booth #333!

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Piscicola New York Attains 2-star BAP Certification


Last month, our partner tilapia producer, Piscicola New York (PNY), in Colombia, received Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification at their plant; integrating them into Tropical's 2-star BAP certified production group.


The Global Aquaculture Alliance's BAP standard is a certification system that combines site inspections and effluent sampling with sanitary controls, therapeutic controls and traceability. 


Piscicola New York first received BAP certification at the farm level in May of 2010. The farm utilizes a cage system in the Betania Reservoir in the Magdalena River. As part of the BAP program, they constantly monitor water quality at three different stations. Additionally, all aquaculture activity in the reservoir is managed and restricted by the Colombian government.


For the past two years, PNY worked to attain the second star of the BAP standard. 2-star BAP certification is not only a great achievement, but it is proof of our partner's commitment to produce responsible tilapia while maintaning food safety.


At Tropical, our focus is to provide tilapia products certified responsible and sustainable by standards such as the BAP standard. We are sure that by implementing this type of standard throughout our production, it will help to meet the increasing demand for healthy products, cultivated in harmony with the environment and always in a socially responsible manner.  


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IBSS 2013 - See You at Booth #333

In just over 1 week, we'll be showcasing our premium products at the largest seafood event in North America, the International Boston Seafood Show (IBSS).

We are excited to bring you a fresh taste of our award winning seafood and give you a chance to see and touch our products.

This year, we are honored to have French chef, Robert Barral, cooking delicious samples of our Tilapia, Shrimp, Salmon, Trout and Crab. Barral, who is originally from the Provence, France area found his way to Vermont after being offered the position of Executive Chef at the New England Culinary Institute (NECI). Today, Barral owns and operates a French bistro, Cafe Provence in Brandon, Vermont, where he captivates foodies with culinary seafood specialties. 

We can't give away all of our secrets now, but look for our displays throughout the show and taste the samples that chef Robert will be preparing - Tilapia with Lobster Szechuan Sauce is one of them!

Visit us at booth #333 and experience the true meaning of responsible seafood and culinary excellence! 
If you'd like to schedule a meeting with anyone from our team, please feel free to do so - we look forward to meeting with you in Boston!
See you at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center March 10th - 12th! 

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Our Donation to the Charles Darwin Foundation


Blue_Footed_Booby This month we are excited to share, that with your help, we made our 2012 donation to the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) in the Galapagos Islands, located off the coast of Ecuador.  


Our annual contribution is made possible with your support and as part of our commitment to the conservation of natural habitats! For every pound of Blue Foot White Shrimp sold, a contribution is made to the Charles Darwin Foundation. 


Since 1959, the CDF has been working in scientific research, and to this day, it remains the foremost scientific organization in the Galapagos. The CDF does not receive any government funding and relies solely on private support to continue their important work.


"Your contribution of more than $4,000 is extremely generous, and will certainly go a long way towards helping to produce world-class science for the conservation of this UNESCO World Heritage Site", said Swen Lorenz, Executive Director, Charles Darwin Foundation.


According to Lorenz, currently there are 48 individual projects and every year, more than 100 visiting scientists pass through the doors of the CDF and utilize their infrastructure to further science research.


At Tropical, we are proud to provide you with responsibly farmed seafood while contributing to a cause we feel strongly about.


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Want to understand more about the various certifications that we carry? Keep reading! 


Q: How do the different certification schemes manage animal mortalities? 

A: The proper disposal of animal mortalities at the farm is an issue covered by all certification standards, such as BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices), ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) and GlobalG.A.P.

In general, all three schemes focus on reducing the probability of a risk event from dead fish in the production system. Fish mortalities not being managed properly may result in contamination and disease transfer.

These three certification standards require regular monitoring and removal of dead and unwanted fish from the system. For instance, GlobalG.A.P. and ASC require records of the inspection and removal of dead fish. GlobalG.A.P. and BAP require a contingency plan when massive in-farm mortality occurs. None of the schemes set any limits on the proper disposal of mortalities.
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 Featured Recipe
Fried Tilapia
Tilapia with Fine Herb Remoulade

Think Saucy! This excellent sauce goes perfect with fried fish and equally as nice along poached shrimp! Click here for the recipe
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Staff Notes

birthday cake
Rosie Barmann, Administrator A/R, celebrated her birthday on February 15th. This is Rosie's 13th birthday celebrated with the Tropical team - Happy Birthday!
Marie "Breezy" Jackson, Staff Accountant, celebrated her 5th year anniversary at Tropical on the 1st of this month - Congratulations!
We sadly said farewell to Dana Zawacki and Chris Doane, Customer Service Representatives this month. Both, Dana and Chris were part of the Tropical team for 6 and 8 years and have both taken on a new challenge in Florida and Vermont respectively. We thank you both for your dedication to Tropical and wish you well in your next endeavors! 
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