Issue 36 : January 2013


Gear-up for the 'Seafood Season'! In this issue we are highlighting the measures our farmer's take to bring you world-class seafood and don't forget to make an appointment to see us at the International Boston Seafood Show!

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We Stay True to Nature


January not only marks the start of a New Year, but also the approach of "seafood season". Seafood trade shows and other events, including the start of Lent and Easter set the tone for what's recognized as the busiest season of the year. So, what's a better time to highlight and recognize our farmer's practices than this month?


At Tropical, we've always worked hard to build and maintain strong partnerships with producers who focus on the relationship between farm, environment and their surrounding communities. They are hard-working South American and European farmers and fishermen who understand and make responsible use of their surroundings; producing tilapia, shrimp, trout, salmon and crab as true to nature as possible. Although you may receive our seafood in a box or a bag, fresh or frozen, our products are nurtured, harvested and processed with great skill and passion! 


Tropical Tilapia

In Ecuador, for instance, tilapia farmers benefit from their geographical location. They allow pure stream water from the Andes Mountains and saltwater from the Pacific Ocean to enter the farm with every high tide. This natural water mixture results in a tilapia exclusive in flavor and texture. The farms also employ polyculture, recirculation and water treatment techniques to maintain a healthy water system, soils and overall, a healthy ecosystem. 


Blue Foot White Shrimp

Near the coast of Ecuador, Chanduy shrimp farm, provides the ultimate environment for rearing Ecuadorian white shrimp. The inland sand-bottom ponds are naturally replenished with Pacific Ocean water with every high tide, creating an ideal environment for shrimp cultivation. This unique environment results in a world-class shrimp of crisp texture and superior taste. 


Rainbow Trout

With over 15 years experience, our Panamanian trout farm, Lamasur S.A., rears rainbow trout at nearly 6,000 ft. above sea level, in an area with cool mountain temperatures that create an ideal habitat for raising trout. They raise each trout in earthen raceways constantly replenished with water from a crystal-clear mountain brook. The raceways act as natural water filters while giving the fish a calm habitat, optimal for nourishing trout with a delicate, sweet flavor and firm texture. 


Irish Organic Salmon

Across the ocean, in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, our expert Irish farmers nourish their award-winning Irish organic salmon. The farm's location at sea provides vigorous exercise and muscle formation in each salmon as they are fully exposed to strong ocean currents and natural elements. This results in salmon with a clean, mild taste and firm texture derived from the pure, fast moving waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 


Irish Rock Crab

In the pristine waters of the Irish Coast, our skilled fishermen catch Ireland's renowned cold water Rock crab. They fish for crab responsibly by using miniature traditional Irish crab pots and reducing fishing during certain seasons to ensure a lasting supply. Each crab is gently handled and cooked in pure Irish waters, giving it its unique award-winning taste. 


Our passionate farmers and fishermen around the world, work and monitor each farm with the goal of bringing you a pure, chem-free product that will awaken your taste buds in an unparalleled tasting experience. The harmonious ecosystem at each farm is the result of having a clear understanding of the potential effects of our actions, while formulating preventive approaches guided by recognized certification bodies.


So, get ready this "seafood season" and discover culinary excellence and extraordinary flavor! 

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Gearing up for IBSS 2013

We are less than two months away from the biggest seafood event of the year. 
Don't miss your chance to see, touch and experience the true taste of our fresh, award winning products!
As always, we will bring you a truly unique experience and are excited to reveal the newest additions to our product line, so be amongst the first to witness as we showcase our new items!   
Looking for something in particular? Schedule a meeting with anyone from our team at anytime - we'd be happy to meet you and give you answers and solutions!
See you at the Boston convention center, booth 333, March 10th - 12th! 

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Want to understand more about the various certifications that we carry? Keep reading! 


Q: What criteria do different standards use in relation to Predator Control? 

A: A farm's operation, have the potential to cause a decline in biodiversity through the use of lethal predator control techniques. This approach can result in the killing of animals that may prey on cultured tilapia or other species. Even worse; irresponsible predator control measures can lead to the intentional or unintentional killing of endangered species listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List

BAP, GlobalG.A.P., and ISRTA (ASC), have similarities in their requirements on predator control. They all demand compliance to national laws associated to the elimination of birds or other any other predator. None of the schemes allow the use of lethal methods. The three standards require monitoring and record keeping and all of them refer to the IUCN Red List as part of their predator control component, but only ISRTA sets the limit that no Red Listed species be killed as a critical requirement of the certification. 
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Featured Recipe
Salmon with Soy-Honey and Wasabi Sauces

Think Sweet Brain-food! This Asian inspired recipe will bring natural sweetness to your dining table with every bite! Click here for the recipe
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Staff Notes

This month we welcomed the New Year with a couple birthday celebrations. Shari Williams, Staff Accountant, blew the candles out on January 16th and Deborah Kendall, Financial Analyst, on January 20th - Happy Birthday to both! 
During the month, we also celebrated a couple of our staff members' anniversaries at Tropical. Rosie Barmann, Administrator-A/R, celebrated her 13th year with the Tropical team, while Kevin Harrington, Director of Sales, reached his 1st year mark - Congratulations!
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