Issue 34 : November 2012


We have reached a milestone! This month we are highlighting our farm's and plant's latest certification achievements, our participation at the GlobalG.A.P. Summit and of course, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!Twitter Youtube Facebook

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ASC Certification 

Aquamar Farm ASC Certified  

Earlier this month, Aquamar farm was certified by Control Union to meet the ISRTA (International Standard for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture) Standard. The Public Review process for Produmar farm (the last step to achieve certification) has culminated and they are expected to receive accreditation by the end of this month. This will make Aquamar and Produmar the first farms  in the Americas to be ISRTA compliant!


ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certified farms limit their impact on the environment from the effects of water pollution, the use of chemicals and antibiotics and escapes of farmed fish. They also adhere to guidelines that promote the social conditions of workers and local communities.  


In addition to ASC certification at the farm level, Tropack (both plants) became Chain of Custody certified on November 15, 2012. This certification allows us to supply the first ASC certified farmed tilapia which will soon hit the North American market.

The Chain of Custody Standard contains a set of technical and administrative requirements for the processing and handling of certified sustainable products at every stage of the supply chain. Chain of Custody certification assures that ASC certified seafood has indeed originated from a farmer certified against the ASC Standard. 
For ASC, awarding the first farm in the Americas is another milestone. "Soon the first ASC tilapia will hit the market in America. The supply to Europe will also increase. This positive progress is a clear sign that ASC is reaching its full potential to become the world's leading certification and labelling programme for aquaculture", said Chris Ninnes, ASC CEO. Read more.
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GLOBALG.A.P. Summit - Madrid, Spain

GlobalGAP Logos All
Tropical is honored to have sponsored the 11th GLOBALG.A.P. Summit held in Madrid, November 6th - 8th. This year's conference welcomed 400 participants representing 50 countries.  
Attendees heard from major retailers and producers about how the globalization of food retailing continues to bring valuable opportunities to producers who are delivering food safely and sustainably worldwide. 
GLOBALG.A.P. also announced its new programs such as localg.a.p., designed for emerging producers, and GLOBALG.A.P.+Add-On programs, which assess specific concerns of more mature markets.  
Participants also had a chance to network with top international retailers, brand manufacturers and producers. Tropical's participation demonstrated our commitment to produce and deliver sustainable seafood to meet today's food demand in a responsible manner.

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Want to understand more about the various certifications that we carry? Keep reading! 


Q: What are the requirements of the different certification standards regarding the use of antibiotics and other drugs?   

A:The malpractice related to the use of antibiotics and other chemicals during the production cycle can lead to food safety issues. In general, BAP, ISRTA and GlobalG.A.P., address the issue mainly by reducing the probability of a risk event. They have similar basic requirements; all three schemes require no use of banned chemicals and antibiotics and their use should be based on national regulations. They don't allow the use of hormones for growth promotion and the prophylactic use of any drugs. The three schemes require a written veterinary health plan and list of antibiotics used. Only BAP requires a survey of chemicals used in the surrounding environment and only GlobalG.A.P. requires a proper area for handling and storage of chemicals as well as to identify treated fish. 
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Tilapia_Corn_Chowder Tilapia Corn Chowder

Think Warm And Hearty! This New England inspired recipe will satisfy every craving in one bite!  Click here for the recipe. 


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Staff Notes
Craig Craig Appleyard, VP of Operations and Business Development, celebrated his birthday on November 13th. This is Craig's 9th birthday with the Tropical team - Happy Birthday!

Chuck Sebeth,  Farm Payables, celebrated his 5th year anniversary with Tropical on the 19th of this month. Thanks for keeping our farms happy - Congratulations!  
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