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Wednesday Wonder
June 4, 2014


Like many good things, it began in the shower. More than once in my life, the unstructured sing-a-long environment of the shower has yielded more creative ideas, in a few minutes, than hours behind a desk. "It's a house," the thought rumbled, "the house of your life. You traverse one door after another, behind which abide the many aspects that comprise the rich texture of you." Somewhere down in my archetypal treasure chest, the image of a house bubbled to life and with it the book, Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension.



Fresh from participating in a collaborative project involving writers and artists through the Columbia Art League, I asked how this nascent idea could grow among several contributors, each offering something unique. In short order, I found my partners, and they were close at hand. One wielded the creative brush of the artist, Jenny McGee, and the other the incisive pen of the poet-wordsmith, Genevieve Howard. Together, the three of us worked on a process for shared creation. We circulated our ideas to one another, creating responses that formed a tapestry. As each chapter came into being through that method, we had no idea what the end result would be. But, as Genevieve has stated so eloquently, "I trusted the fragments."


When the publishing company Wipf & Stock offered us a book deal for Six Doors, it was a confirmation of what we had intuitively known; we were walking the right direction in the right kind of way. After months of preparation and submission, copy editing and consultation, the book is now in production. We have been told that it will be released during the course of the summer. And that means it will be available to the public at large this fall.


Our hope is that Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension will provide a source of provocative inspiration and a new way to contemplate age-old things. Written for as broad an audience as possible, we hope it will be just as gratifying for the seasoned spiritual traveler, as for the one just dipping toes into the pond of time and infinity for the first time.


Now the fun begins!


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