KIDS NEWS   June 4th, 2013
Upcoming Events and Important Dates Regarding
 Broadway's Children



June 2013

June 17-19 Elementary 1 Camp

June 21-23 Try-It Camp

June 30 VBS Workday


July 2013

July 16-18  Elementary 2/Junior 2 Combo Camp

July 16-20 Junior 2 Camp

July 29-August 1 Vacation Bible School


August 2013

August 24 Kinderpath

(Kindergarten Orientation to Pathways)
August 25 Move-Up Sunday
October 2013
October 27 Trick or Trunk
December 2013
December 8 Children's Christmas Program/ Advent Party



SonWest Roundup

Registration Forms have been placed in church Mailboxes.  Please get your child's registration in as soon as possible, as we fill up fast!   Parents, if you are interested in being included in the fun, let Barb or Judy know what you would like to do as soon as possible!  Please mark your calendars for the VBS Workday on June 30th, from 12:30-3:30pm.  We need your help to prepare for the fun!


Free Symfunny Family Concert Tickets


Summer is here and the MO Symphony Society has provided Broadway with free tickets to the following SymFunny Family Concerts:

June 12th  What Do You Like on Your Pizza?      6:30 pm

June 26th  Captain Kirk's Guide to the Musical Galaxy    6:30 pm
June 30th  Classic Tunes and 'Toons  3:00 pm
July 10th Music & Nature: Thunderstorms, Heat Waves, Blizzards and More! 6:30 pm


If your interested in acquiring tickets, please contact Barb Stephenson at 445-5312 or at



Pathways Transitions to Summer Program Beginning June 9th


Every summer, Pathways takes a break from unit curriculum rotations and all the kids come together as one large group for fellowship and learning. This summer is no exception.  Beginning this Sunday, June 9th, we will start our Summer Program.  Every Sunday, we will meet in the Cinema Room of the CLC, take attendance, collect offering, sing the Doxology and say the Lord's Prayer.  We will then begin our lesson for the day.  Our lessons this summer will include exploring the Bible, listening to Bible Stories, and watching Biblical Movies.  Pastor Nick will come in periodically over the summer to spend time with the children and teach his own lessons.  Our Summer Intern, Hannah Overfelt, will visit us and share some of her wonderful Storytelling Talents.  We will also be pairing up the older kids of Pathways with the younger kids quite frequently, to look up various Trivia questions in the Bible.  We hope they will join us!


A special thank you goes out to all of our Pathways Guides and Teachers who committed themselves to our program this past school year.  Pathways would not be the successful program that it is, without you.  We are blessed to have had you with us.



Welcome to our New Nursery Attendant


You might be seeing a new face in the nursery on Sunday Mornings!  We would like to welcome Alicia Belmore to Broadway!   Alicia will be working in the Nursery during the 8:00 Worship Service a couple of Sundays per month and will be filling in other times on Sunday Mornings, as needed.  We are thrilled to have Alicia caring for Broadway's Babies! 




A special note of thanks to all who have volunteered to help out with Children's Ministries on Sunday Mornings:  
Chuck and Belinda Davis, Anthony and Peggy Poehlmann, Shawna Schulte, Adam and Laura Morris, Jan Jones, Linda Rouse, Carrie Weaver, Jenny McGee, Leila Willmore, Susan Sappington, Eric and Jenny Lybeck-Brown, Syd Stansberry,  Cheryl Shigaki, Maura Hull, Gina Hall, Sarah Grueber, Kristi Larsen, Mark Koenig, Jen Barb, Rachel Howard, Lou Ann Kirby, Kay Crouse, Alan and Betty Volkart, Alisha Verslues, Tina Windett, Rachel and Gina Muzzy, Linda Wycoff, Beth Azdell,Penny Kraus, Michael Tatum, Paula Mattingly, Claire Ohman, Mikayla Dykstra, Kahlea Wilson, Blake Wilson, Brett Wilson, Stephanie Zaner, Emily Zaner, Staton Zaner, Jane Butt, Debby Fisher, Lily Fisher, Rachel Marshall, Landon Toler, Paige Flottman, Cole Flottman, Lindsey Naugle, Melanie Turner, Carly Kempf, Brooke Kempf, Emma Azdell, Madison Manson, Mackenzie Manson, CJ Phillips, Megan Culpepper,Vicki Williams, Zach Grueber,Marilyn McCreary,Kat Pallikkathayil, Braxton Gardner, Michaela Karrick, Suzette Grosz, Lori Bernicky, Veronica Fritz,  Jessie Becker, Pat Altenburg, Jane McGuire, Sarah Hassenpour, Mariah Atlakson,Kara Azotea,Neal and Nancy Miller,Dixie Fisher, Toya Washington, Oshene Fox, Meagan Pappas,Anna Oglodzinska,Natalie Simoncelli,Kaystin Weisenberger, Gabby Powell, Lindsey Kothe, MaKayla Black, Isabella Masucci, Colleen Hudson, Amelia Sherinski, Gabrielle Heckman, Allison Poteet, Jen Rucker, Stacy Massey, Monica Stephens, Abby Fanning, Cassie Weathers, Keaton Adams






 We are starting to recruit Pathway'sTeachers and Guides for the next school year, which begins August 25th.  Teachers may sign up for a 4-6 Week Unit between September and June, and Guides (those who lead the kids to classrooms and assist teachers) commit to a partcular grade level for the entire school year and work out an alternating Sunday, monthly, or unit schedule with another Guide. 

Please call Barb at 445-5312 or email at if you can help!

Sunday Morning Offerings 


For a complete listing of Sunday morning offerings for children at Broadway, please visit 


Worship and Wonder 


Our June Story Schedule is as follows:
June 2nd-   Peter Heals a Lame Man
June 9th-    Dorcas
June 16th- The Good Shepherd
June 23rd- The Good Shepherd and the Lost Sheep
June 30th-  Daniel



This Sunday, we will be transitioning into our Summer Sunday School Program.  All grades will be merged together and we will meet as one large group. For the next two Sundays, we will be continuing our Dig into the Bible Unit.  In this Unit, the children are learning how to find specific verses in the Bible and are beginning to learn the names of the Books of the Bible.  In addition, they are learning that the Bible was written down by many people over hundreds of years and that it offers us a guide for daily living.  Our outreach project for this unit, will be to purchase Children's Bibles with the offering that we collect in Pathways for the duration of the unit, through June 16th. The Bibles will cost $13.60 each. To date, we have an offering total of $50.52 to purchase Bibles. At the end of the Unit, these Bibles will be presented to the Ronald McDonald House and/or Children's Hospital on behalf of the Pathway's Kids of Broadway Christian Church.



All God's Children


All God's Children is an adapted Sunday School program for children with disabilities.  Children up to age 12 are invited to join us for a modified version of the hands-on Pathways program.  School aged children meet at 11:15 in the music room of the CLC.  Preschoolers meet in the nursery wing at 11:15.  For more information, contact Teresa Wiegand in the church office. 

Thoughts, questions? 

Please feel free to give me a call at  445-5312 or email me at
Enjoy the week with your children!

Barb Stephenson
Coordinator of Children's Ministries
Broadway Christian Church
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