KIDS NEWS   December 18, 2012
Upcoming Events and Important Dates Regarding
 Broadway's Children



December 23 No Sunday School

December 30 No Sunday School


January 2013

January 26 3rd Grade Bible Workshop

January 27 3rd Grade Bible Presentation


February 2013

February 10  Baptism Informational Luncheon


March 2013

March 24  Baptismal Candidate Confession of Faith

March 31 EASTER-No Sunday School


May 2013

May 12 Infant and Young Child Dedication

May 17-18 Baptism Retreat

May 19 Baptism Sunday






Merry Christmas to all...

We would like to wish all of the children and their families a very blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.  The children are such a joy to be with every Sunday. We feel so blessed to know each and every one of them.

As you plan for the holidays, please remember that we will not have Pathways, Worship and Wonder
 or All God's Children on December 23rd or December 30th.


Holiday Blessings,

Barb and Judy




 Children's Christmas Pageant

 Oh what a wonderful feeling we all felt last Sunday when we watched and listened to Broadway's Children as they performed in the 2012 Children's Christmas Pageant, Sing a Glad Noel.  Bravo to all of the children for their performance.  Thank you to the children's families for their support in making this year's program one of the highlights of the Season at Broadway.  A very special note of thanks goes out to Ellen and Mitchell Flottman for their direction in the program, Kristi Larsen for providing piano accompaniment, Staton Zaner for controlling the lights and sound board, and to the Youth Choir for gifting the program with their beautiful voices.


 Third Grade Bible Workshop and Presentation

Information on the Third Grade Bible Workshop and Presentation will be mailed to all third grade families this week.  If you have a third grader and do not receive a mailing, please contact Barb.


A special note of thanks to all who have volunteered to help out with Children's Ministries on Sunday Mornings:  
Chuck and Belinda Davis, Anthony and Peggy Poehlmann, Shawna Schulte, Adam and Laura Morris, Jan Jones, Linda Rouse, Carrie Weaver, Jenny McGee, Leila Willmore, Susan Sappington, Eric and Jenny Lybeck-Brown, Syd Stansberry,  Cheryl Shigaki, Maura Hull, Gina Hall, Sarah Grueber, Kristi Larsen, Mark Koenig, Jen Barb, Rachel Howard, Lou Ann Kirby, Kay Crouse, Alan and Betty Volkart, Alisha Verslues, Tina Windett, Rachel and Gina Muzzy, Linda Wycoff, Beth Azdell,Penny Kraus, Michael Tatum,  Mikayla Dykstra, Kahlea Wilson, Blake Wilson, Brett Wilson, Stephanie Zaner, Emily Zaner, Staton Zaner, Jane Butt, Debby Fisher, Lily Fisher, Rachel Marshall, Landon Toler, Paige Flottman, Cole Flottman, Lindsey Naugle, Melanie Turner, Carly Kempf, Brooke Kempf, Emma Azdell, Madison Manson, Mackenzie Manson, CJ Phillips, Megan Culpepper,Vicki Williams, Zach Grueber,Marilyn McCreary,Kat Pallikkathayil, Braxton Gardner, Michaela Karrick, Suzette Grosz, Lori Bernicky, Veronica Fritz,  Mariah Atlakson,Kara Azotea,Neal and Nancy Miller,Dixie Fisher, Toya Washington, Oshene Fox, Meagan Pappas,Anna Oglodzinska,Natalie Simoncelli,Kaystin Weisenberger, Gabby Powell, Lindsey Kothe, MaKayla Black, Isabella Masucci, Colleen Hudson, Amelia Sherinski, Gabrielle Heckman, Allison Poteet, Jen Rucker, Stacy Massey, Monica Stephens, Abby Fanning, Cassie Weathers, Keaton Adams





We need teachers for our upcoming Pathways' Units.  Dates are as follows:


Teach Us How to Pray~January 13-February 10

Daniel and the Lions Den~February 17-March 24

 Life in Bible Times~April 7-May 5
Dig into the Bible-May 12-June 2
Please call Barb at 445-5312 or email at if you can help!
Sunday Morning Offerings 


For a complete listing of Sunday morning offerings for children at Broadway, please visit 


Worship and Wonder 


Our December Story Schedule is as follows:
December   2nd  Mary and Joseph Show the Way
December   9th   The Shepherds Show the Way
December 16th   The Magi Show the Way
 Worship and Wonder will not be in session on December 23rd or December 30th



We have finished our Advent Unit, Journey to Bethlehem. The Children learned about how the people in Bible Times waited in anticipation for the coming of the Savior and how during Advent we wait and prepare to celebrate the birth of the promised Savior, Jesus.   We also focused on how the coming of Jesus is the gift of Christmas and how it is something we can celebrate all year.  This Unit's Outreach Activity started the first Sunday of the Unit, when we made Christmas Cards for our homebound Broadway members.  These cards were delivered during home communion on December 9th.  The children have also been asked to do something special for someone during  the Season.  They have been sharing  those kinds acts with all of us during our gathering time on Sunday Mornings.  


 Pathways will not be in session on December 23rd or December 30th


All God's Children


All God's Children is an adapted Sunday School program for children with disabilities.  Children up to age 12 are invited to join us for a modified version of the hands-on Pathways program.  School aged children meet at 11:15 in the music room of the CLC.  Preschoolers meet in the nursery wing at 11:15.  For more information, contact Teresa Wiegand in the church office. 

All God's Children will not be in session on December 23rd or December 30th

Thoughts, questions? 

Please feel free to give me a call at  445-5312 or email me at
Enjoy the week with your children!

Barb Stephenson
Coordinator of Children's Ministries
Broadway Christian Church
Broadway Christian Church / 2601 W Broadway / Columbia, Missouri 65203 / 5734455312