May 29, 2015

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MOA Welcomes Dr. Robert G. G. Piccinini as new President

The 116th Annual Spring Scientific Convention was a bona fide success as the Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA) returned to the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn. The event welcomed our new president, Robert G. G. Piccinini, D.O., dFACN., as he was sworn in during the annual House of Delegates. Two nights later, Dr. Piccinini's new term was celebrated at a President's Reception held in his honor. He was joined by colleagues, friends and family. The festivities included MOA past president, and newly elected state representative, Dr. Edward Canfield presenting Dr. Piccinini with a legislative tribute. We would like to congratulate Dr. Piccinini and we look forward to working with him over the next year. 

Photographs from the President's Reception can be seen on our Facebook page, under "President's Reception" album (You do not need to be a Facebook member to view the photos). 
To view photographs from the President's Reception: Click HERE
MOA Committees Can Use Your Knowledge

Spring is here and the MOA can use your expertise. Share your knowledge and help make the MOA committees stronger. A small commitment can go a long way. 

For a list of committees, click HERE

... then send us your information with the Committee Interest Form

MOPAC Raises a Convention Record


The Michigan Osteopathic Political Action Committee (MOPAC) saw plenty of action over the course of the convention. The discussions, and fundraising, were brisk at the MOPAC booth. The House of Delegates meeting featured a presentation from MOPAC Chair Anthony Ognjan, D.O., FACP. His presentation was entertaining (as usual) but motivating as well. A new wrinkle was the "PAC the House" Challenge where component societies were challenged to get all of their members to donate to MOPAC. Then each society announced the percentage of their members who were added to this year's donor list. 

For this year's donor list, click HERE

Practice Solution Program Supports Your Practice


The Practice Solution Program (PSP) is a program to offer expert services for practice management to MOA members in areas such as legal, revenue and quality, meaningful use and electronic health records selection, information technology and insurance.  The PSP was present at the convention and their booth saw a record amount of action with over 20 practices sign up for consultations. A survey was offered with a chance to win a Sonicare Diamondcare dental system. The winner was Marie Cowan, from Bosworth Care in Okemos. Cowan was pleased to be a winner, but she was also delighted at the Practice Managers' Program as well.  "The conference was absolutely awesome, it had useful information, but the neat thing about it was everybody there had been there for years. It was like a network full of phenomenal information" said Cowan. For more information on how you can take advantage of the PSP, click HERE

Big Thanks to the AMOA 

The Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Association (AMOA) had a strong showing at the 116th Annual Spring Scientific Convention. This year was the 71st meeting of the AMOA and it was a chance for attendees to thank the advocates in person for their efforts in promoting osteopathic medicine and volunteering for programs such as Mini Medical School and the Distracted Driver Awareness program. The Advocates held a raffle for various prizes and received a record amount of donations and tickets sold. The proceeds go towards supplies for the wonderful programs they take into the community.  

Bradley Kasavana, D.O., the winner of the 2015 SRE competition.
MOA Announces SRE Winners

On May 15, The Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA) announced the winners of the the 2015 Spring Scientific Research Exhibit Competition. The Competition is held each year to give students, physicians-in-training, and practicing physicians the opportunity to present their medical and scientific research to the osteopathic profession. The competition was held alongside the Michigan Osteopathic Association 116th Annual Spring Scientific Convention in Dearborn, Mich. at the Adoba Hotel.

The competition had record turnouts this year with over 50 research projects submitted. The researcher's projects were judged over the course of a day and graded on the quality of the display, methods, analysis, and data presented. With the efforts of Steve Proper, D.O. the competition featured 19 judges. Melissa Budd, CME Coordinator for MOA said the increase in judges made for heightened competition.

In addition to the exhibit awards, a second award was given to the competitors with the best oral presentation. The oral presentations were a new addition to the SRE for 2015 and involved entrants giving a talk on their findings. There was also an award for outstanding case report and honorable mentions in the research and case report categories.


To view this year's winners, click  HERE

Shining a Light on Skin Cancer:

All Doctors Should Be on the Lookout

No matter your specialty, paying attention to abnormalities on your patients' skin may save lives and protect you from potential liability.


One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.1 Because early diagnosis is key, all doctors should act upon unusual or ominous lesions or moles on patients' skin. Suspicious spots should trigger a referral to a dermatologist because the urgency of the situation can only be determined by expert examination and biopsy.


When appropriate, educate your patients about what to look for while performing self-exams. Brown spots are usually harmless, but not always. Having more than 100 moles puts a patient at greater risk for melanoma. While many melanomas develop in areas exposed to the sun, they also develop in areas that are usually hidden from the sun. Be sure to examine the areas between the toes, underneath the nails, the palms of the hands and soles of the feet and the eyes.


Lina Feaster, MD, a family practice physician in St. Augustine, Florida, emphasizes the need for awareness: "I once found an unusual dark spot on the sole of a 12-year-old's foot during a complete skin exam as part of a routine well-child physical. I sent the patient to a dermatologist for biopsy, which confirmed melanoma. Having caught this early, his life was spared from this particular lesion. I have never forgotten how important it is to watch out for melanomas not only in adults but also in children. Performing a complete skin exam entails not just examining sun-exposed areas, but also locations you'd least expect to find melanoma, like the sole of a foot."

Here are the "ABCDEs" to look out for in moles or other skin lesions:

  • Asymmetry: If you draw a line through the mole, both sides should match. If not, the lesion should be evaluated.
  • Border: The borders of an early melanoma tend to be uneven. The edges may be scalloped or notched.
  • Color: Having a variety of colors is another warning sign. A melanoma may have brown, tan, black, red, or blue colors.
  • Diameter: Melanomas are usually larger in diameter than the size of the eraser on a pencil, but they sometimes may be smaller when first detected.
  • Evolving: Any change-in size, shape, color, elevation, or other trait-or any other symptom, such as bleeding, itching, or crusting, points to danger.

Your patients can also take advantage of educational resources from the SkinCancer Foundation at


1Skin cancer. American Academy of Dermatology.;. Accessed March 19, 2015.

Contributed by The Doctors Company. For more patient safety articles and practice tips, visit

In Memoriam 

May 26 of 2015 saw the passing of Paul Albert Parente, D.O.

To see a list of all Michigan Osteopathic Association members who have passed,
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