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"Hear this, you elders; listen, all who live in the land. Has anything like this ever happened in your days or in the days of your ancestors? Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation." -Joel 1:2-3
For years, the Lord has been nudging me to write about something I often speak about: One generation will teach and train the next generation. Some of you have heard me say this many times. Every year, as I read the Bible and start in Genesis, I take out my highlighter and mark the numerous times God talks about "generations" in His Word.
When I was writing Forsaken God?: Remembering the Goodness of God Our Culture Has Forgotten, I realized that this was the place He wanted me to write about generations, so I included a section: Generation to Generation: Mentoring the Next Generation. Here is a preview excerpt for you, my treasured readers:
The Bible is a resounding call to remember God's goodness throughout all generations. It's a recorded history of our Christian faith reminding us why we believe and what we believe. Thanks to the saints who have gone before us, you and I have the privilege of reading the same Scriptures and biblical accounts our ancestors read. Now, it's our job to ensure that God's unchanging Word prevails and reigns through future generations. We need to pass on the hope we have in Christ by equipping the next generation to read and understand the Bible and accept Jesus as their personal Savior-not encumber them with rules easily broken, but guide them toward a relationship they wouldn't forfeit or jeopardize for anything or anyone.

The Bible is a thread that intertwines us with previous generations who didn't have radios, television, smart phones, computers, SKYPE, Google Hangout, tablets, or even electricity. They heard Bible stories told to them or read the Bible by the fire or candlelight, the same Bible you and I read today. No other book in history has traversed the centuries, crossed cultures, and still enjoys worldwide renown-even people who don't believe in God acknowledge the Bible is a historical book.
But it only takes one generation neglecting to pass down a heritage to the next generation for a way of life or belief system to vanish. That chilling fact underlines the magnitude of our responsibility as parents, [mentors] and grandparents to share the goodness of God with our [mentees] children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and for them to do the same:
"Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it" (Pr. 22:6 NLT).
Many of you have experienced the joys of passing on the Christian way of life through your mentoring, parenting, and grandparenting relationships. Do not grow weary, even though the culture is making it harder and harder to share your faith. In Grammie's Corner, I share the rewards of persistently sharing our faith with the next generation.
About His Work,  
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Author Interview with Sara Goff about her book, I Always Cry at Weddings and a chance to win a free copy.  

Remembering The Goodness of God Our Culture Has Forgotten 
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Praise God, Forsaken God?: Remembering the Goodness of God Our Culture Has Forgotten did release February 9th. It's been a joy for me to hear from readers like Lynda Young who wrote: "I can't put your book down and am underlining and writing in the margins- so reading it slowly. It is so relevant and well written."

I am so excited about this book because our world desperately needs believers to speak up for God. I hope you feel the same way and will help me take this message, as God has called me, "to the ends of the earth!"

Remember: There are group discussion questions at the end of each chapter for small groups, Bible study groups, book clubs, and Sunday school classes.
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Our  testimony this month is from Mission Hills Church in San Marcos, CA. Be sure to watch the inspiring video at the end!

Hi Janet,
My initial motivation to be involved in the Mentoring Ministry was my concern for the young women in our church. If the church does not teach the young women and provide role models, the world will teach our women.

Where are the role models for women in the church?   I saw the mentoring ministry as a way for the church to show women a better way, God's way. Titus 2:3-5 calls the older women to teach the younger women. What I had not considered, and what I have now learned, is that each woman, regardless of age, needs at least one other woman in her life to listen to her, to pray for her, to encourage her, and when needed, to speak truth to her.  

I'm thrilled! I love to listen to and encourage women.  I lead a small women's group, am a mentor mom to young moms, and involved in the Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry at my church.

I encourage the mentees to prepare themselves to come alongside a woman the Lord puts in your path and be there for her as your mentor has been there for you.

I've attached a mentoring promo video that my church made last year with myself, my mentee Vickey, and her mentee Holly.
With Joy,

               Mentoring Tip            
When you get together, always open in prayer before you start sharing with each other.

Last month, I shared that 10 year-old granddaughter Katelyn and I were doing my Bible study, Face-to-Face with Mary and Martha: Sisters in Christ. Recently when we've studied together, 7-year old sister Sienna has sat quietly watching.

Then, one Saturday between the three kids' basketball games, Grampa and I planned to take Katelyn to lunch, and she and I would study after lunch. Sienna said she wanted to go too. Sister told her she would have to be serious and she said she would.

On the way to the restaurant, Sienna asked us, "Do you know why I wanted to go with you today?"

Me: "No, why?" I have to admit, I was thinking it was because we were going to her favorite place to eat.

Sienna: "I want to ask God into my heart!"

Whoa ... my heart skipped a beat.

Me: "Because your sister and friends have?"

Sienna: "No, because we've been talking in our family about having a Savior, and I don't have a Savior. I need a Savior too!"

I quickly called Mommy to ask if we should proceed, and she said absolutely. So in the quiet of the car parked in front of the restaurant, Grampa and I led Sienna in a salvation prayer. What a joyous day!

Then she said she thought she would have to grow taller before she could be baptized. We assured her that when she's ready, they'll adjust the water to her height. LOL

I hope the opening article was an encouragement to persistently and consistently share your faith with the next generation. Like Sienna understood, we all need a Savior.

  author2Meet An Author
A Publishers Weekly reviewer wrote, "Ava's story of finding love through redemption and self-betterment will resonate." What does that mean, exactly? Can you give us one example of your protagonist's redemption?
Ah, yes, redemption is a strong word and might even scare some readers away. Ava's 'sin' is building her life around society's expectations and neglecting God's will. She disregards the longing in her heart for a meaningful love and a fulfilling career, losing all faith in herself, until she crumbles, a month before her wedding . . . and calls it off. Ava wants to rebuild her life, and her new foundation is seeking God's will, trusting that He knows what's best. Does that mean she's done making mistakes? Does the story end here? No, it's just the beginning.
Nicole O'Dell, Founder of Choose NOW Ministries, called I Always Cry at Weddings "a vibrant look at the modern road to marriage." In what ways do you consider your story modern? The modern marriage does not have a good success rate. Is the "road to marriage" you're suggesting hopeful?
The story is set in fast-paced Manhattan, a city that embraces all of humanity, and where it is almost the norm to become lost in your race for success, or your failure to thrive. Ava is tempted by physical appearances, financial security, and sexual impulses, temptations that dominate media today and aren't easy to put into perspective, but at every setback she picks herself up and pushes onward toward the wholesome, honest, and nonjudgmental love she beings to realize in her growing friendship with a homeless man. Absolutely, Ava is hopeful that she can have a sincere and lasting marriage. It is both her despair and her hope that propels her to change her life.
So, Sara, do YOU always cry at weddings?
People love to ask me that question, or they just assume I always cry at weddings! Well, I don't, which might sound a little odd. Aren't you supposed to cry at weddings, for one reason or another? I didn't even cry at my own wedding, a small family affair in Sweden. My little sister is getting married in Manhattan this fall. (Way to go, Karen and Dario!) When I stand up and speak about her big brown eyes as a baby, losing our father, and her new life with a man we all love and admire...we'll see what happens then.
Sara founded the charity "Lift the Lid," which supports schools in the developing world while encouraging self-expression through writing.

To learn more about Sara, her writing, her books, and her ministry to help underprivileged students visit her website.

If you would like to enter a drawing to win a copy of Sara's book, please contact me. 
About His Work,
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