Eagle River Water & Sanitation District

Election Proceedings Underway

Election to be held Tuesday, May 6, 2014


On the Ballot:


  1. The election of 5 of the District's seven member Board of Directors.
  2. The consideration of a proposed property tax increase to fund $25 million in improvements to the District's 3 waste water treatment plants and includes an associated TABOR (de-Brucing) measure. The details of this matter, outlined in a letter to district rate payers, have yet to be finally decided by the Board of Directors and will be considered at their February 27, 2014 public Board meeting.


Nominations for Board of Directors:


Candidate Nomination Forms due February 28, 2014 - (online access for nomination form and election notice) 


The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District is divided into seven Director Districts. Directors will be elected to serve a four-year term for Director Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 and one Director will be elected to serve a two-year term for Director District 2. Director District 1, 2 and a portion of 3 are in the Town of Vail.


Any potential candidate for a Director's seat must be an eligible elector of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District (ERWSD) and complete the Self-nomination and Acceptance Form for the Director District in which they are an eligible elector. The Boundary Map for the Director Districts has changed for the 2014 election. (See New Boundary Map of Director Districts.) 


Voting Eligibility:


To be an eligible elector and have the right to vote in the ERWSD election you must be registered to vote in Colorado and either reside within the ERWSD or own taxable real or personal property within the ERWSD or your spouse or civil union partner must own taxable real or personal property within the ERWSD. The taxable property must be owned under your individual(s) name(s), not a business, corporation, trust, partnership or LLC.


Mail Ballot Election:


The election is to be conducted by Mail Ballot. Ballots will be mailed to eligible electors between April 14th and April 21st. Eligible electors who do not receive their ballots should contact the Designated Election Official to request a mail-in ballot. Voted ballots must be returned to the Designated Election Official by 7:00pm on election day, May 6th.


For all questions regarding the election, balloting and nomination processes contact the Designated Election Official.


Designated Election Official:


Leslie Isom

Eagle River Water & Sanitation District

846 Forest Rd, Vail, CO  81657

DID: 970.477.5443

FAX: 970.476.4089

[email protected] 



Make Sure You Are Registered to Vote in Colorado!


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