My Sisters & Brothers:

I need you to join me on a brave, new journey to make my next film, YETUT LIJ a reality. 

Though, I am embarking on an unfamiliar road, I look forward to seeing the same grassroots and collective energy, that has propelled and sustained my career.

As I dedicate myself to this story, I want you to claim it as your own. If you believe in it, stand for it. Support the campaign, and spread the word.

Let's make a film, together. 


Haile Gerima

Why Does Danny Glover Support 
Haile Gerima?

Actor / filmmaker Danny Glover discusses the significance of Haile Gerima's work as a storyteller.

Filmmaker Haile Gerima discussed his new film campaign with Nommo Speaker's Bureau on Google Hangout.
Filmmaker Haile Gerima joined SELMA director Ava Duvernay & other filmmakers of color for his first Twitter Q&A.

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