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October 2012                                                                      Cheshvan 5773
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Beis Midrash Renewal Project
Beis Midrash Chadar Iyun and Research Room
Computer and Physics Lab Upgrades
Emergency Fire Sprinkler System Installation
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Website Development 
High School Marketing Grant upgraded! 

New HTC Website

HTC thanks our alumnus, Mr. Yaakov Greenman and his company, Omnium Group for their time and effort redesigning and launching HTC's new website.  This new design will allow us to stay current with the latest web technologies, social media and email marketing. 

Fasman Yeshiva High School recently received a grant from Torah Umesorah to redevelop its marketing portfolio. HTC would like to acknowledge and thank Torah Umesorah for their generosity and support in this crucial endeavor.

Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends,

Hebrew Theological College is proud to announce a number of campus updates that are already underway.  We invite you to come visit and appreciate these remarkable renovations!

Beis Midrash Renewal Project 

New Stained Glass Windows 


Beis Midrash with stained glass windows

At the end of August, HTC installed beautiful new stained glass windows in the main Beis Midrash. The new windows were dedicated by Yeshiva Women of HTC in memory of Mrs. Anna Goodman, a"h, long time executive secretary of Yeshiva Women.  


Click here to view pictures of the construction 

Aron and Rivka Friedman, z"l, Chadar Iyun

Torah Research Room Renovated and Restored


Chadar Iyun The Aron and Rivka Friedman, z"l Chadar Iyun - Torah Research Room, was renovated and rededicated by Dr. Michael & Suzie Friedman and David & Ronna Friedman in memory of their beloved parents Aron ben Yaakov Meir and Rivka bas Shraga Fatel, Zichronim Livracha. This redesigned room will encourage Torah study and research in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

We thank the Friedman family for their continued support of our Yeshiva and it is our hope that the Torah study in this room will serve as a z'chus for their parents' neshamos and for their entire family.


Click here to view pictures of the renovation

Computer and Physics Lab Upgrades
Upgrading our General Studies Facilities
New Computer Lab Our students are sure to benefit from a newly refurbished state-of-the-art computer and physics lab, endowed by Integrated DNA Technologies. Upgrades to the computer lab include 27 new computer systems with flat screen monitors and digital projection technologies. 
The physics lab will be equipped with up-to-date physics equipment for teacher demonstrations, a multimedia whiteboard, ultrasonic position measurement equipment and updated laser technology. We thank Integrated DNA Technologies for their generous donation and continued support of Hebrew Theological College.
Fire Sprinkler System Installation
Safety First

Sprinkler PictureIn an effort to increase safety at HTC, we are installing a new sprinkler system in the dormitory building.  HTC thanks the Illinois Board of Higher Education's Independent Colleges Capital Program (ICCAP) for their generous grant to fund this very important project. Renovations will be ongoing throughout the year.