Autumn Equinox on Iona
I invite you to travel sacred Scotland and experience a land steeped in mysticism and lore, a land know as The Holy Land of Scotland.
Experience the incredible rugged beauty of Iona on Autumn Equinox as we open an inter dimensional vortex propelling another shift in Consciousness, Self Realization/Ascension as we enter through the 5th inter dimensional doorway in this sacred place.

This unique land inspires the imagination. Travel by coach and ferry to the isolated lands of the Sacred Isle of Iona, Isle of Skye, Kilmartin Valley, Callanish Stone Circle, Findhorn, Clava Stone Circle, the sacred valley of Glenlyon, and Rosslyn Chapel.

Special message Finbarr received at Iona in 2011:

At Winter Solstice 2012 we are entering a time of shift in the Ascension process and its energy will spark phase two of the process at Spring Equinox 2013 taking us through the first doorway and step one of 13 steps that will culminate with Winter Solstice 2023.

Sacred Tour of Scotland                   Sept 20 - Oct 1, 2016
Quest and experience the self-realization/ascension experience of a lifetime as together we explore the energy of Awakened Consciousness. Allow the ancient wisdom on the isle of the Druids to penetrate your life as our world shifts in this magical land a place of ancient beauty, stone circles, castles, chapels and Celtic spirituality. On our journey we will meet some local people with great stories/wisdom to share. You will delight in the mix of stunning landscapes and mountains, as we quest this sacred land.
 .......Opening the pathway of the heart to the next level of Awakened Consciousness.......

Blessings, love and peace,


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