Sacred Mystical Tour of France

Join me on an empowering, inspiring and transformational spiritual journey. A journey of mysticism and mystery where the hidden mysteries of the Feminine Principle are revealed. A journey of enlightenment, awakening and healing as you quest each day and experience the energies of the Holy Grail, Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene, Black Madonnas, Mother Mary and the Cathars. Life unfolds as you delve into and experience this sacred energy first hand.
Sacred Mystical Tour of France            Sept 7-Sept 19, 2016
Journey to mysterious France to experience a land rich in tradition with Finbarr Ross. Immerse yourself in the ancient sacred energies of European culture and its Celtic roots, where later Christian, Gnostic, Jewish, and Muslim traditions recognized the 'Sacred Feminine Ethos' with equal enthusiasm. Although you journey within the 21st Century, you will discover the threads of universal consciousness that predated Christianity still alive today which helps to awaken us to the energy of the second coming and awakened consciousness. 
 .......Opening the pathway of the heart to the next level of Awakened Consciousness.......

Blessings, love and peace,


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