Sacred Journey to Malta and Sicily
I invite you to join me on a mystical journey to Malta/Sicily. Malta is a mystical island which holds the Goddess Energies/Vibrations from the Pleiades and the Light Consciousness from the Great Central Sun. The great Temples of Malta hold the energies of the Great Mother, with information about our human memory as well as the secrets of Atlantis. Malta has an abundance of limestone which has the capacity to store and emit life-force energy. The limestone which the Malta temples are constructed from is Calcite with crystalline property and therefore emits vibrational frequencies like color, toning and music and can transmit information.

The awakening of Malta by the Atlantians was spearheaded by Asu-ara together with his consort and Queen Ash-tat-ta-ra. Over time Asu-ara was also known as Atlas, Apollo, Ra, Osiris, Mithras and Enoch. The mission of Asu-ara and Ash-tar-ta-ra was to re-anchor Cosmic Consciousness and Divine Light on the planet.
So now we are being asked once again to embrace the second coming which is taking place within each of us and to firmly anchor the Feminine Principle/the Divine Feminine/the Christ Consciousness on our planet as we awaken to the crystalline energies of our world. This is an island with deep connections to the Goddess and Mary Magdalene.

Sicily is a mystical land with its sacred connection to the Goddess, Black Madonnas and the Christ Consciousness awakening us through the ancient wisdom stored in these sites and awakening us as we experience the energies of the now........
Sacred Journey to Malta/Sicily              May 16-May 29, 2016

Journey to mysterious Malta and enigmatic Sicily with Erama Schmid and Finbarr Ross. Quest The Goddess/The Divine Feminine in the sacred sites of these beautiful and majestic mystical lands. Experience and explore your own Sacred Goddess within as you quest the world's oldest Sacred Goddess Temples and align yourself with the Feminine Principle on these sun-kissed islands!
 .......Opening the pathway of the heart to the next level of Awakened Consciousness.......

Blessings, love and peace,


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