Q4 2014 Issue

JJ Curran Holiday Tree shines on Detroit

It's official! The team at JJ Curran is in the Christmas spirit once again. Our holiday would not be complete without raising our iconic Christmas tree 138 feet high to shine over the city.

Tradition is very important at JJ Curran. Our holiday tree is just one small tradition we like to share each year. Merry Christmas!

JJ Curran Crane teams with Solvaris to erect tower

JJ Curran was contracted by Matt Lauer of Solvaris, a full service high speed Internet provider serving residents of Bruce Township, Romeo, Almont and Armanda, Michigan. Our team used a Grove GMK 5275 275-ton crane to lift the tower in place. The nearly 200 ft. tower will provide much needed Internet service for up to a six-mile radius of the site.

Click here to watch a time lapse video of the project.

New GMK 6400 proves to be workhorse in the field

If you haven't heard by now, JJ Curran added a new crane to our fleet of All-Terrain cranes. This new machine is the strongest six-axle crane in the world and features a range of unique design elements including a single engine concept, self-rigging MegaWingLift and the MegaDrive hydrostatic drive system. See why this machine can get the job done and then some!

Click here to watch a video of the GMK 6400.

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