Two Free Ceremonies in the Digital Realm
Free Phone Calls August 2nd and 23rd - 10am - Noon Pacific Time


Dear Ones,

The five of us at Earth +Digital Wisdom invite you to continue to explore with us the power of co-creating ceremony together in the digital realm.

As we continue to explore the nature and application of sacred technology in our lives, Pele, FireHawk and Amy will be the guides for two other elemental ceremonies - Air and Earth - during the month of August, as a way of celebrating the fruits of Summer in this hemisphere. 

These are free phone calls where the circle gathers in a sacred way, listens deeply to one another and enters into the timeless space of ceremony no matter where each of us are geographically, in order to honor and appreciate these beautiful elements of Life.
What is the purpose of these ceremonies?

 Click here to hear Pele speak about
why we are deeply excited about this work.

At the Spring Equinox this year, a circle gathered in the digital realm in connection and harmony with a global celebration held by the 13 Grandmothers to honor our relationship with Water.

Click here to hear a brief excerpt from Pele and FireHawk speaking about the powerful prayer that we all created during 
that ceremony.
Six weeks later, we held a Fire Ceremony to honor the fire within us and the power that fire represents in our lives.

Click here to hear FireHawk and Pele calling forward the community fire that held us as we made our ceremony.

The next ceremony is the AIR ceremony! It will be held on Saturday August 2nd from 10am until Noon Pacific Time.

We ask that you register for each call separately.

This way we can be sure to create the spaces on-line in which all of the voices are heard as well hearing from the wisdom of the circle.

In both ceremonies:

We will hear from all of the voices of the people who come by Stringing our Beads together. 

We will invoke and evoke the Sacred Element of Life in prayer and ceremony

We will learn from one another, consciously putting our technologies of connection to sacred use.

Upon registering, you will receive your individual dial-in and access numbers, directly from Maestro Conference. You will also receive two reminders before the ceremony starts.

We ask you to have a candle and a bowl of water with you for both ceremonies (or an active imagination if you are driving during the call :-)) ). 

We also ask that you call in at 9.55am on each day (PST) so that we can begin promptly. 

We warmly invite you to consider joining us for these ceremonies.
We send our love,

FireHawk, Pele Rouge, Lawdog, Amy and Rick