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November 15th, 2013

2014 Call for Entries
Final Deadline is 12AM PST 
November 15

Official Call for Entries
Entry Fee: $70 Features, $60 Shorts

This year, BlueCat establishes one of the largest cash prizes in the world for a Short Screenplay, with a Grand prize of $10,000, along with an increase in our Feature prize to $15,000.

Students will be eligible to submit their short screenplay at a discounted rate of $29 for the duration of the competition.


Each Short Screenplay submission will receive one written analysis, while each Feature Screenplay entry will receive two.



Best Feature Screenplay

 $15,000 Grand Prize
Four Finalists

$2,500 Prize


Best Short Screenplay

$10,000 Grand Prize

Three Finalists

$1,500 Prize


The Cordelia Award

Best Feature Screenplay from the UK

$1,500 Prize


The Joplin Award

Best Feature Screenplay from outside the USA, Canada or the UK

$1,500 Prize


Welcome to BlueCat 

This week, we've highlighted everything you need to know about BlueCat: our feedback, our new prize acknowledging the best short screenplay, all of the resources we make available to BlueCat writers, and the achievements of BlueCat Alumni.

Today, we wanted to highlight you, the writer. Our mission at BlueCat is to support and develop the undiscovered screenwriter. With every year's competition, we search for an independent, original, unread screenplay. A unique story that makes us laugh, makes us cry, or keeps us on the edge our seat. Sure enough, every year, we find another winner, and we know that we've accomplished our goal.

So, we want to express our utmost gratitude to every single writer who was brave enough to bear their soul on the page and submit to the competition. We know that working through your latest draft can be a gut-wrenching challenge, so we're grateful that you stuck it out and shared your work with us. 

The next few months will be exciting as we search through script after script, looking for the voices that aren't yet heard. In the meantime, remember that we're here to support you. Take a moment to browse below for everything that makes up the BlueCat experience.
The BlueCat Experience:

The Feedback 
Being a professional screenwriter means getting a lot of industry notes on  your screenplay. To develop undiscovered talent, we at BlueCat strive to provide this experience to all screenwriters worldwide. That is why since our start in 1998, BlueCat has provided written feedback to all screenplay submissions at no extra fee. Shorts receive one written analysis and features receive two from our experienced readers.

We understand the trend of using a short as a calling card, or a way to break into the business. With this year's competition, we're offering a $10,000 grand prize to the best short, which is one of the largest cash prizes in the world for a short screenplay contest. 

More Than a Competition 
We offer a host of resources for the aspiring screenwriter: a weekly newsletter, advice articles, an online social network through Facebook and Twitter, Ask BlueCat videos with tips from Gordy, and more.

2005 Finalist Aaron Guzikowski
Our writers have gone on to sign with UTA, CAA and WME, sold their work to studios like Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal, and won major awards at the Sundance, Berlin and Tribeca Film Festivals, all after being discovered by and winning BlueCat. The common through-line in all of the stories from these BlueCat alumni? BlueCat was first to recognize their talents, and champion their work. Find a full list of past finalists and winners here, as well as other alumni highlights here
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