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April 26th, 2013

This week, we focus on the eight writers who rose to the top of our submissions. We invite you to meet our Winners and Finalists and read
how they came to win BlueCat!

Pierre Chance
Our 2013 Winner, Pierre Chance, answered a few questions on his winning script, DEMAIN, JE ME TUE.



How did you become a screenwriter?


Demain, je me tue is my first screenplay. To paraphrase Sylvia Plath: there was a story within me that would not be still.  


Read complete interview here.  


Kendal Whitlock

Meet Finalist Kendal Alexander Whitlock, writer of A CAT'S TALE

How did you become a screenwriter?

I attended Howard University for Theatre Arts Acting while I worked on my illustration portfolio. Once I completed it, I transferred to the School of Visual Arts where I studied cartooning. In a mandatory sculpting class, (continued here.....) 
Bryce Joiner

Meet 2013 Finalist Bryce Wolfgang Joiner, writer of GIANTS OF THE VALLEY

How did you become a screenwriter?


Life was tough when I was a child. The only way to escape was to watch a film and fall into that world. I lived across the road from a quasi-paedophile. So when he was released from prison...

(read more here


Rachael and Mary

Interview with 2013 Joplin Award Winner Rachael BernSousa & Mary Lusted

Where did your idea for your screenplay originate?

Racheal: When we lived on opposite sides of the world, Mary and I used to chat online quite a lot. One day, Mary suggested that women's wrestling in the 1950's was an untapped and very interesting background for a story...  (read complete interview here


Michael Yagnow

Meet 2013 Finalist Michael Yagnow, writer of DEAD DOLORES.


How did you become a screenwriter?

For me, screenwriting "clicked" in a way that other varieties of writing never have. A script template keeps the language thrifty and intense. But a screenplay should also be evocative and beautiful within those parameters.  More here 

Michael Quintana

Meet 2013 Finalist Michael Quintana, writer of WE LOST GRACE

How did you become a screenwriter?

In 2009, right after I graduated high school, I was supposed to enter a pre-dental program (to become a dentist); but something about that decision didn't feel right. So, I was "permitted" a semester to "reevaluate my life."  read more here.... 

Chris Brown  
Interview with 2013 Cordelia Award Winner Christopher Brown

Where did your idea for your screenplay originate?

With Emile Griffith, the welterweight champion who in 1962 killed his opponent, Benny Paret, in the ring after Paret called him a.....


(read complete interview here

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