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April 9th, 2013

  • 22 Rules of Storytelling According to Pixar
  • How To Read A Screenplay
  • What Trainspotting Can Teach Us About Screenwriting
  • Selected Script: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 
  • LightHouse Writer's Workshop
  • Upcoming Workshops in New Orleans, Montreal and Canada
  • A Fun Screenwriting Exercise For Character Description
22 Rules of Storytelling According to Pixar
Pixar has made more than a couple great movies and it's not just because they have good animators-they also have good storytellers. Find out what makes their stories so great by reading their 22 rules of storytelling!
Selected Script: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was nominated for an Oscar for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay in 2009. Elle Fanning-the younger sister of Dakota Fanning-played a small role in the film and was born on this day. Read the script here

Hey, Whaddya Say?

"There's a good many pictures I'd like to make. We'll see how many I'll be allowed to make."

-Terrence Malick
Congratulations to the Cordelia and Joplin winners that were announced this week!
Stay tuned!! The winner of the 2013 competition will be announced April 10th. To see a list of this years finalists, click here
How To Read A Screenplay
Knowing how to read a screenplay can be just as valuable as knowing how to write one. Find out how utilizing the proper "techniques" while reading a screenplay allows screenwriters to better understand structure, character, theme and everything else that makes up a good screenplay.
Trainspotting Can Teach Us About Screenwriting

Trainspotting was nominated for a screenwriting academy award in 1996 and is ranked 10th on the list of 100 best British films. Find out the valuable lessons all screenwriters can learn from this film here
Workshop With Gordy at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Enjoy Gordy's workshops? Check out another one he is a part of! Lighthouse Writers Workshop is a week long or weekend intensive writing workshop for advanced fiction, poetry, screenplay or non-fiction writers. Register and find out the details here!
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Fun Screenwriting Exercise: Character Description
Pick ten characters you've seen in movies and write a 1-sentence description for each of them as accurately as possible. Then, bring these descriptions to friends who have seen these movies and see if they can guess the character you are describing. 
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BlueCat Workshops
BlueCat Screenplay Workshops are a one-day, intensive opportunity to certifiably improve your script in a small group environment, led by award winning screenwriter and BlueCat founder Gordy Hoffman.
Your script will be read in advance both by Gordy as well as the other workshop participants; everyone receives in-depth feedback on their script from a number of different perspectives.
New Orleans - April 10th


San Francisco - May 4th


Los Angeles - May 18th


Montreal - June 29th 

Online Script Workshop - June 27th


Toronto - July 6th


Portland - August 1st
SOLD OUT (regular registration only)


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