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March 28th, 2013 

We are excited to announce 
2013 Cordelia and Joplin Award Finalists!
The Cordelia award is awarded to the Best Screenplay received from the UK.

And the Cordelia finalists are...
Bikini Meat Locker 

    by Simon Hewitt, Cambridge 
Evil Does It 
by Robert Bridge, Isle of Wight

Junction 26
by Adam Thursby, London

by Christopher Brown, London

The Burning Room 
by Kat Wood & Marco van Belle, Sheffield


The Syndicate 
by Victoria & Amy Howell, London
The War of the Tooth Fairy
by J W C Hickey, Tonbridge



The Joplin award is awarded to the Best Screenplay received from outside the USA, Canada and the UK.
And the Joplin finalists are...
A Cat's Tale 
by Kendal Alexander Whitlock, Singapore
A Long Mile
by Graeme Robertson, Sydney
Come To Me
by Margaret Riseley, Kangaroo Point QLD
Da Tenebre 
by Antonello Sammito, Rome
Dust of Life 
by Jennifer Perrott, Annandale
Giants of the Valley
by Bryce Wolfgang Joiner, North Melbourne
Hand Lit Match 
by Rachael BernSousa & Mary Lusted, Perth
Mister Fox
by Gabrielle Wendelin, Sydney

The winner of the Cordelia Award will be announced 
  Friday, April 5th  
The winner of the Joplin Award will be announced
  Sunday, April 7th 
For more information on the Joplin award click here.
For more information on the Cordelia award click here.
From all of us here at BlueCat, thanks to all of you for your participation - both our finalists and anyone who wrote and submitted a script. Many people think about writing a screenplay, a lot of people talk about it, but very few actually do it, so to all of you who followed your dreams and created a screenplay, thank you. We're proud to have you as a part of the BlueCat family.
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