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5 Useful Summertime Grilling Tips
What's on your grill?
  1. Gas grills burn cleaner than charcoal grills, but give food a less smoky taste.
  2. Cooking on high heat caramelizes the food on the outside, boosting flavors on the inside.
  3. Apply BBQ sauce after grilling or near the end of the grilling time. The sugar in the sauce can burn more quickly, charring the meat on the outside too soon.
  4. Try to turn the food as little as possible; keep the food on one side to get seared, turning it only once. If the outside is seared well and the inside isn't done, consider lowering the heat or moving the food to the top shelf.
  5. Pull food off the grill just before it's done and let it rest for 5-10 minutes under foil; it will continue cooking and marinate in its own juices.  

June 2013 Newsletter
How to Prevent Tombstoning
Tombstoning and skewing, of a small chip component, is caused by unequal wetting of the two terminals.
Now you may say that this is an "assembly issue????" But not so fast. Yes it is true that assembly materials including solder paste and stencil design, improper profiling or even inaccuracy of the pick and place machine accuracy may cause tombstoning but the PCB layout may be a cause as well. Possible culprits include the following:
  • The lack or imbalance of thermal relief's
  • Incorrect land patterns - when in doubt use the IPC standard guidelines  

To control the effect as a designer, you have to look after symmetric soldering process on both sides of the component. Make sure there are symmetric pads in your design. This can easily be checked via automatic scripting.


Finally, look to problems in the manufacturing of your PCB's for potential causes. The thickness of a soldermask is critical. Make sure the mask is below the level of the lands. 



It is important for any business to understand the importance of their customer base.  Customers are what makes or breaks companies.

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Garth Cates
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What's in your golf bag?

Top Electronic Golf Gadgets
According to, we've listed your Top 3 must-have golf gadgets for 2013.
  1. The Golf Watch - stores up to 50 scores with handicap.
  2. The Golf Guide - locates over 13,000 US golf courses with deals and phone numbers
  3. The Remote Caddy - forget lugging the clubs, for just under $1100 this makes the ideal Father's Day Gift.

View the full listing at here 


Father's Day Quotes
"A dad is someone who
wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off,
and lets you try again."
- Unknown

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me."
- Jim Valvano

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