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"...the guidance Kristina provided has been worth over a 1000 books! I am extremely grateful for her help." Andrew L.


"I can honestly say that speaking to you was one of the most important events in my life. It is almost unbelievable how a 2-hour conversation can have that effect."  Bozhanka V.  


"Listening to you once helped empower me to completely change my life for the better!" 


Lighten Up
by Kristina Leonardi

Last night* we experienced a rare occurrence of the Winter Solstice and a total lunar eclipse overlapping; this means the shortest day of the year combined with the cover-up of a full moon gave us a double dose of darkness. Although there is some debate and lots of myths about what effects these sorts of things have on people, after the year - and especially past couple of months- we've had, my interpretation is that "it's always darkest before dawn."


The good news is from now on the days will be getting progressively longer and bright. It's important at this time of year to get all the literal sunlight in you can - think of the rays as vitamins for your mind, body, spirit and soul, a lack of which can alter our moods as anyone with SAD will attest.  In addition to the actual light, it's also a good idea to keep things as 'light' as possible - do a little dancing (even if just around the house) or Zumba and be sure to laugh a lot.  At the very least you will make others smile when they see you sunbathing in 29 degree weather!


As we approach the end of the year, it's also a good time to shed some light on what you've accomplished this past year. Many of my clients are in career transition, so it's easy for them to feel as if nothing has happened; or if you are just going about your business from day to day, it's easy to lose track of what has actually transpired over the past 12 months.


So make sure you spend at least a couple of hours over the next week or two with your journal and calendar to jog your memory to see what external things you experienced and accomplished this year, big or small. Then let them help you recall how you have grown and what has changed for you internally for you as well. What mental and/or emotional shifts have occurred, in terms of your perceptions of yourself, your life, your work, and your relationships? How have they affected some of the external actions you took or that happened to you? How can you bring more light to your world and the world around you? 


Having a little trouble seeing the proof in the pudding of how far you've come along? I can be a flood light, offer an objective point of view and a little push for you to see where you've been and where you want to go in 2015 and beyond. Just give me a buzz and I'll light the way to a more peaceful and prosperous new you!  






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You can check out a bunch of testimonials from over seven years of coaching here and here as well as on my LinkedIn page, but today I wanted to take a moment to share a more recent email that I received after this past Thanksgiving:

I was fortunate enough to have worked with you as a career coaching client earlier this year. Since our time together, and our talks, I have landed a job as general counsel for a not for profit organization here in New York City. When we worked together you mentioned that you had a feeling I was meant for a larger destiny -- that I was meant to be doing work for the betterment of others, and that I was meant to lead large groups of people. My work in the not for profit realm will combine those two things, and I feel in my gut that amazing experiences lie ahead. Now, the world is my oyster. Your coaching and influence had a profound impact on me, and I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to you for being a guiding light.
~ Vanessa M


And another from a client who just took a big step in her personal growth last week:

I did it!! I followed your advice and recommendations on ways to get in touch with my true self.  My heart is alive and ego almost talked me out of it but I'm in.   I signed up for the volunteer project and registered for the class we talked about.  Thank you Kristina for believing in me and inspiring me to take action!  You're wonderful and so good at what you do.  ~Joann S.

And in case you don't read this one at the top of PGG every week:

I can honestly say that speaking to you was one of the most important events in my life. It is almost unbelievable how a 2-hour conversation can have that effect. ~ Bozhanka V. 

So as you think about turning to a brand new chapter of your life in the New Year or just want to move forward in your career, I'm here to help with a
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Whether coaching, speaking or writing, it is always my intention to provide the clarity, balance and direction you need in order to make your life the most prosperous and fulfilling it can be so that you can create peace in your piece of the pie.  I look forward to working with many of you in 2015 and beyond to make that goal a reality!


Wishing you Peace, Prosperity, Patience and Love


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ROI/Why:  Purpose, Peace and Promotion!  


Life Coaching:

Who: Anyone feeling lost/at a crossroads, unsatisfied, stressed, blocked, confused, passionless   

What: Life transitions, identity issues/crisis, body/mind/spirit wellness, authentic expression, improve relationships   

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Kristina Leonardi is a career/life coach who has a proven record of getting "stuck" clients empowered to make changes aligned with their true passions and talents in a short time. She provides a practical framework for each individual to make the most of their personal and professional lives, allowing them to recognize, connect to, and fulfill their role in the world at large and live a life with clarity, balance and direction.   


Kristina's holistic, gimmick-free, and minimalist approach has earned her widely diverse and fiercely loyal following from all walks and stations of life, including savvy New Yorkers who have tried other coaches, approaches, and therapy with little or limited results.  Click here to learn more 


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She has a laid-back approach, but don't let that fool anyone. Her ability to read people is amazing and her assessments of how a person can enrich their lives/careers are spot-on. After she asked me lots of questions, she was somehow able to give me an assessment that was frighteningly accurate and illuminating.    


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