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March is National Nutrition Month.

April is National Autism Awareness Month.
Issue: # 6

       Spring 2016



What's New?    


Many of you are using our new online patient portal. We recently signed up our 1800th member....we are looking for our next milestone of # 2000! As a reminder you can request nurse advice, prescription refills and routine appointments via our portal.


Our issue this month focuses on spring break safety. We hope all of our PPP families have a fun and safe holiday.    


Finally, we appreciate everyone's patience with our technology growing pains. We started using our new check in technology (the lovely bright orange Phreesia pads!) almost 6 months ago. We have begun adding more of the check-up forms to the pad so you will be able to complete the form and have it in your child's chart by the time the doctor enters the room- no more lost patient forms with no name or waiting for a form to be scanned into the chart. We are hoping to soon be a pilot location for the ability to complete the forms and registration from home, making the check in process even quicker and more efficient!                

       Spring Break Safety Tips      
Spring break is a time when many take advantage of their time off to enjoy a trip with either family of friends. Beach destinations and skiing trips are common places we hear you all are traveling to (and secretly wish we were going with you as well!). Here are just a few reminders to ensure your trip is both enjoyable and safe.
Skiing is a wonderful sport you can enjoy well past your youth.   There are many inherit dangers like trees, cliffs, and difficulty of trail.   Other variables to think about include frostbite, sunburns, and preventable injuries.
Make sure you dress for variable climates---this includes layers and properly fitting gear. Make sure you take an extra pair of gloves. Do not borrow gear-make sure you have the appropriate skis/boots and bindings which a skilled professional at the ski shop should be able to ensure.
Make sure you wear a helmet---most injuries (30-50%) can be prevented by this simple step.
Also wear goggles to prevent eye injury from stray branches.  
Know your limits and which trails match your skill level and brush up on your skills with ski lessons (even experienced skiers brush up on their skills now and then).
Practice ski etiquette-skiers in front and below you can't see you and have the right of way. Never stop in the middle of a trail or under a drop off where someone may not see you.
Ski with a friend and prearrange a meeting place.
Take walkie talkies to communicate as cell service may be variable.
Make sure to take water and a snack as skiing is a strenuous sport.
With the reflection from the snow, you are susceptible to sunburn-always wear a SPF of at least 30 and lip balm with SPF.
One of the most effective ways to prevent injury is to make sure you have strong muscles prior to skiing. Also make sure to stretch prior to skiing.
If your travels take you to a warmer climate filled with relaxation on a beach, by a pool or lake we recommend the following:
Be sun smart-even 1 blistering sunburn in childhood increases your risk of melanoma. Avoid peak sun hours of 10-4 and apply SPF 30 or higher 20 minutes prior to going outside and every 2 hours. Wearing long sleeves, tight woven clothing, hats and sunglasses with UV protection.
Treatment for sunburns include: cool damp towels applied to skin for 10-15 minutes, lotions containing aloe vera or soy, ibuprofen, increase fluids, leave blisters intact and wear cotton clothing.
Monitor for signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke- headache, dizziness, nausea- and get out of the sun as well as drink cold fluids. Heat stroke is more serious where a person stops sweating, turns red, can be confused or passes out and needs emergency medical attention.
Be safe in the water-never swim near a pier, monitor weather patterns and adhere to lifeguard's recommendations regarding getting in the water. Monitor for rip currents and remember if you find yourself in one, swim parallel to shore.
 Water is teeming with a variety of marine life: which includes jellyfish. Signs you may have been stung include: pain, redness, stinging, and numbness. Treatment for a sting includes: rinsing with seawater or vinegar (fresh water may cause the stingers to fire), using a credit card applied to skin to shave off stingers, and not rub the area.
If your beach trip includes bicycles make sure you wear a helmet and children<10 should not ride on the street (sidewalks only)
Staff Members Spotlight

 Danielle Summers

Patient Services Representative/Medical Records


Danielle returns to our office after working with us almost 10 years and then leaving for 2 months. She found a job closer to home but it just wasn't the same and she returned to her "home"!

Here are some of her favorites:


Hometown: Hume, VA

Hobbies: DIY projects (did you see our front door for Halloween and Christmas- that was Danielle's doing!)

3 words to describe you: Fun, Loveable, Curious

Favorite Vacation Destination: Beach

Favorite Movie: Lean on Me

Favorite Food: Ice Cream (any flavor!)

Favorite Grade in School and Why: 10th grade- I had the most awesome English teacher who helped me improve my vocabulary and my Physics teacher that I liked so much I took his AP chem class as a senior

What do you enjoy most about your job and why? : I enjoy seeing all the newborns grow into little people with different personalities





  Daniela Sotelo

Medical Assistant     


Daniela, aka "Dani", joined us September 2015.

Here are some of her favorites:


Hometown: Gainesville, GA

Hobbies: Reading, music, playing soccer

Favorite Food: My Mom's food! Especially her dish called mole` (Mole is mildly spicy, like a gravy or sauce with meat, usually chicken. It is served with rice and tortillas

Favorite Movie: Ghost

Favorite Restaurant: Tony's and smashburger

Favorite Vacation Destination: Niagara Falls in Canada

3 words to describe you: Funny, respectful and caring

What do you enjoy most about your job?: Working as a team! It makes the day go smoother and all the ladies here are awesome!                        

"At Peachtree Park Pediatrics, we strive to deliver the finest scientific-based medical care to our infant, children and young adult patients in a warm, family-friendly environment. We are dedicated to establishing close relationships with our patients and their families in order to provide comprehensive care"




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