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August is National Immunization Awareness Month.
September is National  Preparedness Month and National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.
Issue: # 4

       Summer 2015


What's New?    


Many of you are using our new online patient portal. We recently signed up our 1000th member....we are looking for our next milestone of # 1500!


Our issue this month focuses on back to school tips. As a reminder, for our allergy and asthma patients- late summer/early fall is a great time to schedule a follow up with your doctor to make sure your child is well controlled on medications and to anticipate what might be needed before fall and winter arrive.    


Finally, we will soon be adding another piece of technology to help our office streamline the check-in and checkup forms completion process. We will be implementing a system that allows you to arrive a few minutes before your appointment, complete all your necessary forms on a pad and have those forms upload in your child's chart- ready for the doctor to view at the appointment. We can also verify at check-in your insurance eligibility and any copays or deductibles that may be due.                  

       Back to School Tips      

Back to School Tips


At the beginning of every school year we hear similar questions and concerns from parents. These are some of the common issues:

  • After a flurry of check-ups in July and early August, our office hits a lull for the first few weeks after school starts. Things start to pick up quickly with illnesses children pick up from being around lots of their peers again. The best protection against colds, fevers, diarrhea and other viral illnesses is good hygiene. Remind your child to wash hands frequently (hand sanitizer can be used as an alternative), especially before eating and after using the bathroom.


  • Returning to routines can help ease the transition back to school. Make sure your child gets enough sleep by having a regular bedtime. On the weekends, most children should not stay up significantly later than they do on school nights. Similarly, even teenagers should try to get up in the morning on the weekends, as the body can have trouble adjusting to big differences in sleep schedules.


  • Good nutrition helps children remain in the right frame of mind to learn. Children who don't eat breakfast often have a dip in energy and mental alertness in late morning. Encourage your child to eat something before school and remember that it doesn't have to be traditional breakfast foods. If they will eat a PBJ sandwich or cheese stick, but don't like oatmeal or Pop Tarts, that is fine as it will give their brain and body fuel.


  • Some parents are concerned about the weight of the backpack their child carries around school on a daily basis. The evidence is mixed on whether heavy backpacks cause back pain in children. To minimize the risks, remind your child to wear the pack over both shoulders to spread the burden. A waist strap also helps to take the weight off the shoulders and back. A rolling backpack may be an alternative, though that may not be acceptable socially.


  • Starting the new school year can be stressful for some children, especially if they are starting a new school or moving up to Middle School or High School. Give them 3-4 weeks to adjust and contact the teacher during that first month if you are concerned your child is having academic, social or emotional difficulties. Please let us know if you have concerns about any learning or attention issues.


  • As children get older they often become overscheduled. It is good for your child to participate in extra-curricular activities both at school and independently, just make sure that the time commitment doesn't stress your child or the family. Sometimes it is better to devote time to an activity your child is passionate about rather than concentrate on being well rounded by joining everything.


  • In contrast, when it comes to sports it can be harmful for a child to specialize too young. Prior to High School we encourage children to play a variety of sports and take seasons off. Young bodies are not made to play the same sport year-round. Most High School students should continue to play multiple sports as choosing a single one increases the risk of injury and burnout.


  • Children who do not play organized sports need to remain active. This can be difficult as you resume the routine of school. Remember to encourage your child to get outside and play and seek a good balance between screen time (including TV, video games, computers and cell phones) and active time. This can be a great opportunity for the family to walk or do other activities together.
Staff Members Spotlight


Medical Assistant II


 Tami celebrates 20 years with us this month! Here are some of her favorites:


Hometown: Acworth, GA

Hobbies: Gardening, Fishing, Kayaking and being with her grandchildren and dogs!

3 words to describe you: Patient, Loving, Fun

Favorite Vacation Destination: Beach- ANY beach!!

Favorite Movie: Anything with Patrick Swayze

What do you enjoy most about your job and why? : I love helping my patients and parents with love and care. But the best thing is the love and appreciation I get from them!





 Monica Hollaway

Patient Services Representative     


Monica has been with the practice for almost 8 years. Here are some of her favorites:


Hometown: Augusta, GA

Hobbies: Shopping

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Holiday: Christmas- because I love to give (hence the shopping!) and spend time with my family

3 words to describe you: Loving, Caring, Thankful

What do you enjoy most about your job?: Watching the kids growing up from newborns                        

"At Peachtree Park Pediatrics, we strive to deliver the finest scientific-based medical care to our infant, children and young adult patients in a warm, family-friendly environment. We are dedicated to establishing close relationships with our patients and their families in order to provide comprehensive care"




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