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Issue: #3Spring 2015
What's New?

Our portal officially launched and has been very well received.  If you have not registered, please give the front desk your email so we may send you an invitation

We are one of several practices in the state of Georgia, collaborating with the national American Academy of Pediatrics, who have been chosen to both assess and improve our asthma care.  If your child currently has asthma or a recurrent history of wheezing, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire.  The data collected will then be uploaded securely onto a national asthma registry to help track asthma care trends and ultimately help improve asthma care for all children.   We appreciate your participation in this project! 

Q and A on allergies              
Dr. Wiskind

 Q. Why are allergies worse in Atlanta?

A: It is due to a combination of lots of pollen (from all the trees. grass, and flowering plants), humidity, and pollution among other factors.

Q. Do some kids have allergies year round?

A: Yes.  Many children are bothered by allergies only when certain things are blooming, principally in the spring and fall (which means turning on the AC earlier than you would like).  Also, avoid placing things in your child's bedroom (like stuffed animals, carpet, and drapes) that will collect dust and pollen.  

Q. How are allergies treated?

A: Fortunately there are a number of medications that can be used to treat allergy symptoms in children and many of them can be given safely at the same time. Antihistamines, taken by mouth, can control a variety of allergy symptoms.  Zyrtec, Claritin, and Allegra (many of the medicines listed here are available as generics) are brand names of antihistamines designed to last all day without drowsiness. There are a variety of nasal sprays with low dose steroids (Nasonex, Flonase) that work to suppress allergy related congestion and runny nose.  Other nasal sprays have an anti-histamine (Patanase, Astepro) that can help to relieve sneezing,  itchy/runny nose, and nasal congestion. Itchy eyes can be helped by Zatidor (over the counter) or Patanol/Pataday (prescription).   Singulair is a pill that can prevent allergy symptoms.   For many children we will recommend various combinations of these medicines depending on symptoms.

Q: Should my child have allergy testing?

A: Testing by an allergist can identify specific triggers likely to cause symptoms.  This can be helpful if you can avoid exposure to that allergen, like getting rid of the family dog if your child demonstrates an allergy to animal dander.   Testing results can also be used to guide allergy shots if your child's allergies warrant such treatment.

Q: When should a parent consider allergy shots?

A: If a child's symptoms are not well controlled with allergy medication (OTC and prescription) it is wise to meet with and allergist to discuss allergy shots.  By introducing small amounts of allergens (things your child may be sensitive too, like tree pollens, grass pollens, animal dander) repeatedly in a closely monitored way, over the course of years allergy shots can prevent a child from reacting badly when exposed to those allergens in the environment.  This desensitization requires frequent visits to an allergists office and multiple shots, so it is reserved for more severely affected children.  For some children, there may be an alternative to shots with the use of a solution placed under the tongue at home.
Staff Spotlight

Mallory Killion, Medical Assistant


Hometown: Edwardsville, IL

College: Lewis and Clark Community College

Family: 2 children: Aubrey Keller III (10 y/o) and Cameron Keller (8 y/o)

Hobbies: outdoors, going to the park, reading and movies

Favorite Food:

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite grade in school and why:

3 words to describe you: Compassionate, honest, silly, fun

Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball

Favorite Vacation Destination: Bahamas

Pets: No pets due to son having an allergy

Favorite Atlanta Restaurant: Pappadux-I love seafood!

What is the thing you enjoy the most about your job?: Meeting new patients and making sure they are satisfied; basically, knowing at the end of the day that I am helping make a difference







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