June 2013    

Calendar at a Glance 


June 3

First day of classes for Summer 1st 5 week term and Summer 11 week term


July 3

Last day of classes for Summer 1st 5 week term


July 4

Independence Day holiday


July 8

Final exams for Summer 1st 5 week term


July 9

First day of classes for Summer 2nd 5 week term


August 8

Last day of classes for Summer 11 week term and Summer 2nd 5 week term


August 12

Final exams for Summer 2nd 5 week term


August 12-13

Final exams for Summer 11 week term 


August 19

Tuition installment #1 due

Residence hall move-in day


August 19-30

Maverick Stampede Welcome Week


August 22

First day of classes for Fall 2013


August 25

UTA Day at Six Flags

Association benefit of the month: $5 discount on Maverick Parent/Grandparent t-shirts

Each month we will be highlighting benefits available to you as a member of the Maverick Parent & Family Association. Hopefully this will remind you to take advantage of these great resources!


Looking for a way to show your Maverick pride? This month we are highlighting the $5 discount available to Association members for Maverick Mom, Dad, and Grandparent t-shirts. Regularly priced $15/shirt, Association members can buy their t-shirts for only $10/shirt. This discount is only available from the Parent & Family Center office (lower level of the University Center, Suite B150). You or your student can come by anytime Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm to purchase your shirts. We accept cash, credit cards, and checks. At this time, t-shirts may only be purchased in person; we do not accept online orders. 

Dad t-shirt  

4-Year Members - Update your information 

If you joined the Association as a 4-year member, we'd like to make sure we have the most up-to-date information for you on file. Please take a moment to complete this form. Thanks!

Save the Date!  

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Parent & Family Weekend 2013 will take place October 25-27. Mark your calendars and make plans to join us on campus for a weekend of fun and festivities!
Don't forget to use your P&F Association ID card to take advantage of the Maverick Discount Program!
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University News
UT Arlington establishes Center for Students in Recovery 

The Center for Students in Recovery (CSR) provides a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment for students to cultivate life skills and celebrate recovery successes. With a variety of programs and services that emphasize community and accountability, CSR helps students draw upon their own inner strength, develop compassion, and build resilience.

Members enjoy access to scholarships, educational and volunteer opportunities, and a strong network of supportive peers. The recovery coaching and peer-based recovery mentorship helps students manage challenging situations with agility and grace. Members vary greatly in terms of age, interests, and stage of recovery. To join CSR, a student must be admitted to The University of Texas at Arlington and committed to living clean and sober. Membership is free.


CSR organizes social, athletic, and volunteer activities where sober students serve their community, develop a support system, make friendships, and create memories. The activities strengthen and expand student sobriety while enriching the college experience. 

For more information, please contact Charity Stutzman, Assistant Director for Violence Prevention and Student Intervention, by phone at 817-272-2354 or by email at stutzman@uta.edu. The anticipated launch date for CSR is August 2013.

Highlights from the annual parent survey
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Parent & Family Center annual parent survey. We received a lot of great feedback that will help us plan for next year's programs and services. Here are some of the highlights from the results:

Top 3 favorite benefits of the Association:
  • Monthly e-newsletters
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Free Scantrons and blue books for your student

Parent & Family Association membership renewal:

  • 61% indicated they would definitely renew their membership
  • 18% said maybe
  • 11% indicated they were 4-year members and therefore did not need to renew
Membership directory:
  • About half of the Association respondents had opted-in to the membership directory.
  • However, most (92%) had not actually used the directory. Next year we will make a greater effort to provide suggestions on how parents can use the directory effectively. 

 Which topics are parents and students discussing the most?

  • Finances
  • Academics
  • Physical health
  • Career planning
  • Personal relationships
Noteworthy comments:
  • "I appreciate the Parent & Family Center being there for me and my student."
  • "I truly believe you all are doing a great job keeping parents involved and informed as to campus activities, scholarship opportunities, events, etc. It shows that you all are interested in the success of our children, by keeping us parents in the equation."
  • "The parent association gives me freedom to walk into campus with confidence."
  • "We have been extremely impressed and pleased with the Parent & Family Center."

How we plan on using the data to improve parent and family programs and services:

  • Develop off-campus ways to keep parents involved.
    • Some respondents felt they could not take advantage of most of the Association benefits because they either lived out of state or did not come to campus frequently. 
  • Create formal volunteer opportunities for parents. 
    • A few respondents indicated they would like to be more involved with the Maverick Parent & Family Association. 
  • Find ways to involve Maverick Parent & Family Association students too.
    • Although the main mission of the Parent & Family Center is to serve parents and guardians, some respondents indicated a desire to keep their students involved too. 
  • Continue to keep parents informed.
    • When respondents were asked what they thought the primary role of the Parent & Family Center should be, the majority of respondents indicated "to keep parents informed." There were also several comments from respondents stating they enjoyed receiving emails and important information throughout the year. 
Renew your Association membership and register for Parent & Family Weekend today!
As the school year comes to an end, don't forget to renew your membership in the Parent & Family Association! If you joined as a 1-year member, your membership will expire August 31, 2013. Four-year members do not need to renew their membership.

We will begin accepting membership renewals and registration for Parent & Family Weekend (Oct. 25-27, 2013) starting June 3, 2013. Simply visit our website to pay online or find a paper form to download and mail in with cash or a check.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 817-272-2128 or parents@uta.edu.