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May, 2015

Personal Identity Protection


This month's newsletter addresses your personal identity protection. The news is filled with stories about substantial data breaches of large corporations. The most damaging identity theft you are exposed to is probably more personal. Attacks are increasing on personal mobile devices especially.


We hope this information provides you with insight and tools to better protect your own personal and financial data. Please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


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Joey Huckaby
How To Protect Yourself

Identity theft occurs when someone obtains your personal information, such as your credit card data or Social Security number, to commit fraud or other crimes.   estimates that 9 million Americans suffer identity theft annually.

In response to concerns over identity theft, numerous companies and financial institutions have stepped in with products that monitor your credit, reimburse you for lost wages or funds and guard your identity. Some employers also now offer ID theft insurance to help you reduce the amount of time and money spent resolving the crime, so check with your company's benefits specialist about your eligibility.

Tips To Prevent Identity Theft

Identity thieves commit their crime in several ways:

  • They steal credit card payments and other outgoing mail from private, curbside mailboxes.
  • They dig through garbage cans or communal dumpsters in search of cancelled checks, credit card and bank statements, and preapproved credit card offers.
  • They hack into computers that contain personal records and steal the data.
  • They file a change of address form in the victim's name to divert mail and gather personal and financial data.
Thank you for allowing Huckaby and Associates to help you with your insurance needs.


Joey Huckaby