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April, 2015

Contractual Liability


Most of our clients use independent and subcontractors. These arrangements help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively by using a firm or company that specializes in a certain trade or profession. The use of subcontractors and independent contractors also create additional liability issues for your business. These issues aren't exclusive to construction and trade contractors. If you have any service work done at your facility or on your behalf then you have created a need for the proper agreement that clearly states each parties' responsibilities.


We review the insurance provisions in hundreds of contracts each year for our clients. We also advise our clients on the use of insured and sometimes uninsured subcontractors. In this month's newsletter we want to provide you with a good explanation of proper contractual risk transfer and how it  can help or hurt your position at the time of a loss or injury. We have included instructions for setting up your own agreements. We can also provide additional advice and sample subcontract agreements at your request.


We hope you find the information valuable. Please contact us to discuss any specific questions or concerns you may have. 


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Joey Huckaby

Not having adequate contractual liability protection can increase your insurance expenses as well as your exposure to loss. Greater exposure to loss can result in higher insurance premiums to offset that potential for loss. And, quite importantly, contractual liability claims have the potential to threaten the viability of your business.

Most businesses have some degree of exposure to contractual liability claims. For instance, your business may be at risk in all of the following examples: leasing a building; operating a wholesale or retail store, motel,restaurant or manufacturing facility; hiring a contractor to perform equipment  maintenance or repairs, remodel a building or add an addition; or having a vendor or salesperson visit your property.


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Joey Huckaby