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" Data breaches are now a fact of life together with taxes and death "

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September, 2014

Cyber Liability - Are You Protected?

Several more large retailers are informing the public that their data may have been compromised or stolen by cyber thieves or hackers. We feel it's important for every business and individual to be aware of their own exposures to cyber theft and data breach. We hope the attached articles are helpful. Please contact us to discuss your cyber liability needs further.  


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Joey Huckaby
5 Reasons You Should Have
Cyber Liability Insurance 

It's not just for big companies. Cyber insurance can make the difference between staying in business or shutting your doors after an attack.

Imagine for a moment that your company has come under attack by a skilled hacker. The hacker has accessed your customers' names and contact information--and worse--your employees' social security numbers. On top of that, your website is disabled so that you can't take orders or collect the payments you need to stay in business.

Wouldn't it be nice to have cyber liability insurance right about now?


Insurance that protects you in case of a cyber attack may seem like something only large corporations would ever need, or could ever afford. But believe it or not, cyber liability insurance makes lots of sense for small companies as well.

How Cybercriminals Attack Small Businesses - & 10 Ways to Stop Them

At a recent "Hacker Lab" event, "white hat" hackers revealed how cybercriminals work - and what businesses can do to protect themselves. The multimedia presentation used a simulated small business system to demonstrate how hackers choose their targets, how they enter the system and what they do post-infiltration.

Thank you for allowing Huckaby and Associates to help you with your insurance needs.


Joey Huckaby

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