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Tickets for Uber Drivers

Police in South Carolina might start writing tickets for drivers for the smartphone app Uber, saying its drivers don't follow city codes for paid drivers.

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July, 2014

"Insurance and Legal Issues for Ride-Sharing"

Ride Sharing, or Transportation Network Companies have quickly become an alternate source of transportation in the United States. Cities and states view these companies differently. They are illegal in many jurisdictions. 


We want you to be informed of the problems created in the automobile insurance policies for the owner or driver and the passenger. If you are thinking of becoming a driver or using the service as a passenger please consult with us before assuming there is insurance coverage in place. 


I hope you find the information helpful and informative. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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Ride-Sharing's Insurance Problems

Ride-sharing has become a convenient alternative to hailing a taxicab. A person fires up an app on their smartphone and it locates the nearest ride. But the practice also comes with unseen dangers -- specifically, who is responsible for the costs associated with injuries and damages in an accident.

Drivers working for transportation network companies (TNCs), such as Lyft and Uber, typically do so under their own personal insurance policies. Most of those don't cover commercial activities, however, leaving the TNCs' "excess" contingent liability coverage to cover the gap. But drivers and their passengers can still be on the hook for unexpected costs, if claims on a TNC's insurance are denied.


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State Agency: Uber Not Legal in S.C.

Ride-sharing service Uber cannot legally operate in the state of South Carolina, according to state consumer protection agency the Office of Regulatory Staff.

The office has filed a petition with the Public Service Commission and has been notifying municipalities and airports about the issue, according to Dawn Hipp, transportation, waste and wastewater director of the agency's Consumer Services division


The office will be actively enforcing state law using its four-person staff of inspectors, she said.


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