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There is a burglary every 10 seconds in the U.S. Taking the time to "harden" your home and its surroundings against

crime can help reduce the chances of a burglary happening to you.

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September, 2013

Standard homeowners insurance policies cover the loss of valuables.  However, is the amount of coverage in your policy enough to replace all your valuables? Most homeowners should have increased coverage for jewelry and other valuables.
The articles below will provide you with a good overview of coverage and if you need increased coverage for your valuables.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us
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Joey Huckaby
Insurance Coverage for Jewelry and Other Valuables
A standard homeowners policy includes coverage for jewelry andHomeowners Policy  other precious items such as watches and furs. These items are covered for losses caused by all the perils included in your policy such as fire, windstorm, theft and vandalism.

However, there are special limits of liability for certain items, meaning that the insurer will not pay more than the amount specified in the policy. One important limit is for the theft of jewelry. To keep coverage affordable because jewelry can be easily stolen, the standard policy has a relatively low limit of liability for theft, generally $1,500.
Increased Coverage for Jewelry and Other Valuables
People who own valuable possessions need broader coverage than a basic homeowners policy provides.  Now you can enhance your Homeowners Policy by raising the limit of liability or through the purchase of floater policies.

If you own valuable, rare or irreplaceable items such as collectibles or antiques, you may prefer a comprehensive protection offered by mancy carriers.



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