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Distribute and explain data protection practices to all employees. Review and revise these practices on a regular basis - at least annually. Make sure to retrain staff as changes to your data practices are made.

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Instructions for how to develop a Subcontract Agreement and a Sample Agreement.  

August, 2013

Each year we review the insurance requirements in many different contracts for our clients. Most contracts contain provisions to transfer risk onto the party entering into the contract. Many times these contracts are non-negotiable. In this month's newsletter we want to inform you of the contractual liability risk you may be incurring and to provide helpful ways to manage the risk. 
Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these issues in greater detail. Please share this information with anyone you think may find it useful.


Joey Huckaby
Do you know what you are signing? - Contractual Liability


LNot having adequate contractual liability protection canContract   increase your insurance expenses as well as your exposure to loss.  Greater exposure to loss can result in higher insurance premiums to offset that potential for loss.  And, quite importantly, contractual liability claims have the potential to threaten the viability of your business.


Most businesses have some degree of exposure to contractual liability claims.  For instance, your business may be at risk in all of the following examples: leasing a building; operating a wholesale or retail store, motel, restaurant, or manufacturing facility; hiring a contractor to perform equipment maintenance or repairs, remodel a building or add an addition; or having a vendor or salesperson visit your property.


Subcontract Agreement


Click Here for Instructions on how to set up a Subcontractors Agreement and a Sample Agreement 

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Joey Huckaby

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