July  6th  2015  Newsletter
Happy  July!


    I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. It's hard to believe that it's July already.  We are busy planning the July 25th and 26th show at the Livestock events Center.  
    As many of you know Twin Bridges has their Very Nice antique show in Truckee at the High School on the weekend before our show the 17th 18th and 19th. 
I encourage everyone to go check it out. 
    Several of their vendors are staying in the area and doing our show too.  Paula and I extend an enthusiastic welcome!


The next Tanners MArketplace show is July 25th and 26th. 
If you are a regular planning to attend
and you aren't listed on the Attending Vendors page please call or send an email to Dan

As a special treat we have entertainment coming for the kids and kids at heart.


Renee Grennan of Curiousities for Young Children will be here Saturday with projects to keep the kids entertained while their parents shop. Including Magic Shows, a Photo Booth and fun activities. As the show gets closer I'll post her schedule on the website. She is a well known children's party planner from the Truckee area.



In cooperation with Buy Nevada First / Live Local we are having a Christmas Faire at Reno Town Mall (formerly Old Town Mall) on December 19th and 20th. 

It will focus on Nevada Owned small businesses and will be open to all of our vendors that live in Nevada.  We are still planning the show - the vendor spaces will be in the open aisles of the mall.

For more information about  Live Local check out their website at:



The spaces will be limited so please email Dan to be put on the waiting list.  




Most shows are at the Livestock Events Center

Feb 7th and 8th,  May 2nd and 3rd
June 19th - 21st
July 25th and 26th,  Oct. 10th and 11th
November 21st and 22nd
Magic of Santa Dec. 5th and 6th
 Holiday Faire at Reno Town Mall Dec 19,20
 Hatpins - or how to hold your hat on...

Hatpins have been around in one form or another since prehistoric times but they achieved their highest interest in the last part of the 19th century into the 1920's, after which hair styles became short and the hats became smaller making the pins unnecessary. Along with the pins women of the day purchased devices to hold and display them. They ranged from simple boxes to elaborate ceramic and metal stands.

Prized by antique collectors today, hatpins were commonplace and controversial. They ranged in size between 6 and 12 inches long depending on the size of the hat they needed to secure to a woman's head. They were fancy or practical, made from every available material ranging from precious metals to gemstones to plastics and paste. Hatpin makers marketed their products to the various levels of society, ranging from the extremely ornate and expensive to the simple and functional. 

1400 As far back as the Middle Ages in Britain and Europe, pins were used as a device to securely hold the wimples and veils that proper ladies used to cover their hair in place. These small pins and wires were used for hundreds of years.

1800 The making of decorative and functional pins was a cottage industry that frequently employed an entire family. They were time consuming to make which resulted in small amounts of pins being available for the demanding public.

1820 Importing from France was one way of keeping up with demand. Alarmed at the effect the imports had on the balance of trade, Parliament passed an Act restricting the sale of pins to two days a year - January 1st and 2nd. Ladies saved their money all year to be able to spend it on pins in an early example of the "January Sales"! This is thought to be a source of the term "pin money." However, as Queen Victoria taxed her subjects at the beginning of each year to pay for her pins, this could also be the source of the term.

1832 The pin making machine was patented in the United States and production of pins with long tapering points began, usurping the hand made pins. Within the next two years England and France also began producing the machine made pins.

1848 Head coverings were simply another piece of clothing which evolved and changed with fashion. As women's bonnets evolved, they employed ribbons and strings tied under the chin to hold them on. As a result of the suffrage movement women were eager to free themselves of bonnet strings and declare their right for equality with men.

1900 The rise in the popularity of hatpins as a result of changing fashions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries saw the Charles Horner jewelry business becoming one of the British market leaders in good quality but mass produced hatpins. Some of the the high quality makers in the United States were the Unger Bros., the William Link Co., the Paye & Baker Mfg. Co. and Tiffany & Co.

903 American Lillian Russell and English-woman Lillian Langtry, otherwise known as "Diamond Lil" and "Jersey Lil" were popular music hall actresses that fueled the popularity of large elaborate hats and the hatpins that were needed to hold them in place.
Lillian Russell

1908 An English judge, fearing that their pins could be used as weapons in his court, ordered a group of suffragettes on trial to remove their hatpins and hats, an insulting request. In 1909 a bill was introduced in the Arkansas legislature which copied an Illinois law limiting the length of pins to 9 inches or making ladies take out permits to possess longer ones. The pins were considered deadly weapons. As a result ladies had to cut their pins to the shorter length if they wanted to wear them in public.

1923 The opening of the tomb of King Tutankhamen started a craze for all things Egyptian. Hatpin designers were inspired by the newly found art and treasures.

1942 At the start of World War II women took over the jobs vacated by the men who had gone away to war. As they reported to work in the factories, shipyards and aircraft plants the wearing of hats fell out of fashion.

A wonderful resource if you want to learn more is the American Hat Pin Society: http://www.americanhatpinsociety.com/
Places to Stay:
A few people have asked if there are places to stay close to the Events Center.  The Events Center has RV spaces available (see the bottom of the show application page) and  there are several motels close by and the casinos are close too. Kayak.com lists some close by ones. You can narrow the search in the location box:

   A friend of mine stays at the SandsRegency Hotel Casino when he visits. They usually have some good deals going. I did a quick check and found their deals page:  
Once he visited the first time they keep sending him free nights coupons.    

   Motel 6 is about a block away:  

   Days Inn is just a little further:

   Americas Best Travel Inn is right at the freeway exit too:
There is a 24 hour Denny's restaurant very close. (walking dist. from motels, right at the freeway exit)
Let's make this a fun forum to keep interest and excitement up for the shows!


Dan and Paula Clements 
Tanners Marketplace  
P.O. Box 618, Fernley NV  89408  
Dan and Paula Clements
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Dan and Paula Clements
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2015 Show Schedule
At the Livestock Events Center
Tanners Marketplace:
February  7th and 8th
May 2nd and 3rd
June 19th -  21st
July 25th and 26th
October 10th and 11th
November 21st and 22nd
Magic Of Santa:
December 5th-6th
Buy Local Holiday Show Reno Town Mall
December 19th-20th

Please Visit the Somewhere In Time antique mall at 1313 S. Virginia St.
(We are there on Mondays)


Weekly Auctions
Weekly Auctions
Auctions by Sammy B
A Fun Antiques and Clothing Store

Joke of the Day


Q. What's that new summer pirate movie rated?
A. It's rated ARRRRR!

Q. What did the pig say at the beach?
A: I'm bacon!

Q. Why are gulls named seagulls?
A. If they were by the bay, they'd be bagels!

Q. What's the best day to go to the beach?

Q. Where does a ship go when it's sick?
A. To the DOCK!

Q. Why do fish swim in salt water?
A, Because pepper makes them sneeze!

Q. What do whales like to put on their toast?
A. Jellyfish!

Q. Where does a fish go to borrow money?
A. The loan shark!

Q. What do you call witches who live on the beach?
A. Sandwitches!

Q. What does a shark eat for dinner?
a. Fish and ships!

Q. Why do bananas use sunscreen?
A: Because they peel.

Q. Why don't mummies go on summer vacation?
A.They're afraid to relax and unwind!

Q. Where did the sheep go on vacation?
A. The Baa-hamas!

Q. Why don't oysters share their pearls?
A. Because they're shellfish.

Q. Why do golfers carry an extra pair of socks?
A.In case they get a hole in one.

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