March 2013, Issue 6
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Featured Promoter: Linear Technology/Dust Networks
Featured Promoter: Sigma Designs
Mobile World Congress
Smart Energy Summit
Spring Member Meeting
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Member Articles

GreenWave Reality - Smart LED Bulbs

NXP - IP Security Cameras

Ericsson - Addressing Things with IPv6

Freescale/Nivis - IPv6-Based Metropolitan Area Network Development Kit

NXP - Everything Will Have an IP Address

Econocom - R&D Program for Smart Solutions

Sensinode - Certified Compliant Platform

NXP - The Car of the Future

Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks
April 17 - 18

North American IPv6 Summit
April 17 - 19

April 22 - 25

May 6 - 10

M2M for the Security Industry
May 8 - 9

May 9 - 10

M2M+ Industry Summit
May 13 - 14

U-World 2013
June 20 - 22

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IPSO Alliance Newsletter
  Board of Directors' Message      


This time around, we offer you an information packed newsletter - there is just so much going on in the Smart Objects space, as well as within IPSO Alliance itself! IPSO has been present at many of the major conferences around the globe, and here you can find the latest information on what is hot in the telecom industry, straight from our members who were present at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Smart Energy Summit in Texas.


Within IPSO, we also have big things happening right now. We have been busy launching IPSO CHALLENGE 2013. The contest gives an opportunity for anybody to show off their innovation skills on the Internet of Things and M2M.  Only a few days remain to submit an entry (the deadline is 5 April for your written entry) with the opportunity to win a trip to the awards ceremony at Sensors Expo in Chicago and win $10,000 - not to mention the honour itself. Please make an effort to spread information about the challenge to your friends and colleagues!


We are also planning the upcoming member meeting in Helsinki on 20 and 21 May. An Interop Event will be hosted during the meeting, which is being planned as a joint activity between the Interop, Smart Energy and Smart Building committees. Holding an Interop is important for us to not only show proof points on the maturity of technologies, but also demonstrate the values of IP in Smart Objects, so we encourage you to get involved.


We are also planning a half day workshop on 22 May, which will be open to the public and will be co-located with the member meeting.


The objective of the workshop is to interest the companies and organisations in the Nordic countries on the Internet of Things. This will be done jointly with the Finnish and Swedish national technology innovation organizations, Tekes and Vinnova. We hope to attract many companies to the event. Please mark the dates May 20-22 in your calendar, and add the location: Helsinki, Finland - the Land of a Thousand Lakes. 


Finally, we continuously have speaker opportunities at various global conferences and events. Do not miss the opportunity to share your thought leadership on Smart Objects and its use cases, while also promoting the Alliance. Speaking opportunities are mailed out on a regular basis, so please stay tuned!


But, to not keep you waiting to dig in to our newsletter, I will stop here. Enjoy!

Jan Höller
IPSO Board of Directors
By Nick Ashworth, IPSO Secretary

What started as an idea back at the Fall Member Meeting in October 2011 has now come to fruition.
Launched on February 19th, IPSO CHALLENGE 2013 is underway. The purpose of the event is twofold:
first, to promote the development of internet connected thingies (smart objects); and second, to create
more awareness about the Internet of Things and the role the IPSO Alliance plays in defining and
promoting interoperable solutions. Word about the contest has been spreading through various means
including: press releases, social media, universities, and IPSO Alliance member companies. Entries are
coming in from around the globe. The submission phase of the contest remains open until April 5th. The
contest culminates at Sensors Expo in Chicago on June 6, where the prizes of $10K, $5K and $2.5K will be
awarded to the top three ideas. For details see: http://www.ipso-alliance.org/Challenge2013


By Thomas Watteyne, Kris Pister


Dust Networks' SmartMesh IP product line achieves ultra low-power, ultra high reliability and IPv6 connectivity by combining the IEEE802.15.4e TSCH and IETF 6LoWPAN standards on the best-in-class low-power system-on-chip.


TSCH is the recently-ratified IEEE version of the MAC-layer protocol used in several high-reliability industrial automation standards, including WirelessHART and ISA100. The time-synchronized channel-hopping MAC allows a direct trade-off between latency, throughput and the power consumption of the motes via scheduled communication. 


By Mary Miller, Marcom Co-Chair


As the Internet of Things continues to expand, IPSO Promoter Sigma Designs is doing their part by introducing a Z-Wave to IP solution that brings Internet connectivity to the 14 million fully interoperable Z-Wave home control devices. These devices include sensors, lighting, door and access controls, HVAC, and entertainment, as well as energy controls that enable applications in smart home, smart grid, smart building, hospitality and connected aging.


    Mobile World Congress     

By Zach Shelby, IPSO BoD, & Niclas Krantz, Ericsson
The event of the year for the telecom industry is the Mobile World Congress. In the last week of February, tens of thousands of industry professionals, media and investors gathered in the Spanish city of Barcelona to get updated on the latest news, meet customers and gather business intelligence. System suppliers, service providers, user industries, mobile phone and device manufacturers all joined the crowd... All in all, over 1,500 exhibitors and 72,000 attendees.
This year, Machine-to-Machine was one of the hottest topics, with a lot of attention going to Cellular M2M related technologies, products, services and partnerships.


    Smart Energy Summit      

By Mike Coop, Marcom Co-Chair

 The IPSO Alliance sponsored the Parks Associates Smart Energy Summit, held in San Antonio, TX last month.  Mike Coop from GreenWave Reality participated on a panel entitled "Device Interoperability: A Progress Report"; other panelists included ARM, Qualcomm, the UPnP Forum, and IPSO members Sigma Designs and Silicon Labs.  In the exhibit hall, the Alliance demonstrated IP-enabled smart lighting, and also promoted IPSO CHALLENGE 2013.

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By Geoff Mulligan, IPSO Chairman

The IPSO Alliance is excited to announce our second European member meeting.  Our Spring 2013 Meeting will be held in Helsinki on May 20 and 21.  We are planning a packed agenda including updates from each of our committees, the beginning of the planning process for upcoming 2013 events and the search for opportunities for new partnerships.  In addition to our regular member meeting, the Alliance will also be holding an Interoperability Test event and the final round of judging for IPSO CHALLENGE 2013, which will lead to the announcement of the top three finalists. 

The Alliance will also be hosting an IP for Smart Objects workshop which has been scheduled to coincide with our member meeting in Helsiki.  The workshop is open for anyone to attend and will cover topics including the state of the Alliance, the status of protocol development, IPSO Alliance partnerships and current technology and market trends.  The workshop will be held on the morning of May 22 on the Technopolis Helsinki campus.