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City of Greenville, South CarolinaJuly/August 2013, Issue No. 17
Lunch and Learn:
What's Planning Got to Do with It?
Wednesday, August 14, noon - 1:30 
Kroc Center | 424 Westfield Street
Part of our Sustainable Conversations series. Join us as we take a look behind-the-scenes into the steps that have led Greenville to be the awesome, cool, vibrant city it is today. We will hear a down-to-Earth and informative presentation from some of the most knowledgeable people in the City. A light lunch will be served.
More information can be obtained by contacting us at connections@greenvillesc.govwebsite. 



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Three neighborhoods and their surrounding areas are the subjects of Comprehensive Planning public meetings this August.


West Side Comprehensive Plan

City Staff and a consultant team are beginning work on a comprehensive plan for the City of Greenville's west side. The planning process will include a series of neighborhood meetings as well as a week-long design workshop to gather ideas and produce a draft plan for the study area. The area includes the West Greenville, Southernside, and West End neighborhoods as well as the Pendleton Street, Washington Street, and Pete Hollis Avenue corridors.


The west side comprehensive planning process will start with a series of "share your dream" meetings for area residents and business owners.

- August 15, 6:00 to 7:30, Greenville Rescue Mission

- August 17, 10:00 to 11:30, West Greenville Community Center

- Biking and Walking Tour - August 24, 8:30 to 10:30, Kroc Center - fun for the whole family. Breakfast will be provided.


From August 26 to August 30, the consultants will host a week-long design workshop at the Kroc Center. A kickoff presentation will be held the evening of August 26. Throughout the rest of the week, the consultants will facilitate an evening pin-up session and project update in which public input will be encouraged.

  • Workshop Week Kick-Off - August 26, 6:00 to 7:30, Kroc Center -Come meet the team and get an introduction to the West Side Comprehensive Planning process.
  • Workshop Week - August 26 to August 30, 9:00 to 5:30, Kroc Center -  Open focus group discussions are scheduled throughout the Workshop Week. Pin-ups of the day's progress will be presented every evening at 5:30.

On the evening of September 5, the consultants will present their work-to-date at the Kroc Center. The consultants and staff will work with a project steering committee and the public through the rest of the year to refine and finalize the plan. The project is expected to take five months to complete.


South Carolina-based planners and designers with Lawrence Group, a town planning and architecture firm (Davidson, NC), have been contracted to lead this planning effort. The firm's areas of expertise include smart growth-oriented town planning and management, neighborhood design, landscape architecture, mixed-use buildings, civic buildings, and a variety of residential project types.


The west side comprehensive plan is part of an ongoing planning project, Connections for Sustainability, which is funded by a $1.8 million planning grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Connections for Sustainability focuses on establishing linkages between affordable housing, transportation options, economic development, and open space in Greenville's west side. More about the Connections project can be found on our website.



AJW Greenhouse
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A special celebration and dedication ceremony for the recycled bottle greenhouse and rainwater collection station took place on July 31st at A J Whittenberg Elementary School. Visiting officials from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development joined Greenville City Council, the Greenville County School Board, and school Principal Margaret Thomason and City Staff for a press conference, ribbon cutting, and unveiling of the signage for the greenhouse.


Read a Greenville News article about the event here. More information is also available by contacting the Connections Team at

Sustainability Spotlight


Simple Summer Goals for Improving Personal Health


by Jaclin DuRant



Improving our personal health is an important step in the move towards a more sustainable society. Increased health leads to a decrease in spending related to health care, lower absence rates due to sickness, and increased productivity at work. Also, healthy people tend to be happy people.

Summer is a great time to make a commitment to increased personal health, and the best way to make a change in your lifestyle is to start with small, easy to reach goals. So, here are some simple ideas to help you get started:


1) Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Start by taking the stairs once a day when you would normally ride an elevator, or for distances that are under 4 floors.

2) Swap a soda for a glass of water. Add some mint and a slice of fresh squeezed lemon for a refreshing summer drink without the calories.

3) Wash your hands. Many of the sicknesses we pick up come from contact with germs. Get into the habit of hand washing now, and you'll be happy that you did when cold season comes back around.

4) Go for a walk. Start with a short lunch walk with co-workers or an afternoon ramble with friends or family. Exercise increases physical fitness and can help reduce stress. Just make sure to drink plenty of water when you're out in the heat and don't forget #5.

5) Wear sunscreen. If you're going to be outside, sunscreen is a must. Keep a little tube in your desk drawer at work so that you always have it if you need it.

6) Make exercise fun. If you chose an exercise program that you don't enjoy, then you won't keep up with it. Instead, look for something fun. Try a dance class, join an intermural sports league, or go hiking with a group of friends. If it feels like you're playing, then you won't even notice the workout!

7) Snack on local, fresh produce. If you're aching for something sweet, freeze some local blueberries or toss a couple of peach slices in the blender with some ice and a teaspoon of local honey.

8) Make that appointment. We all have an appointment that we've been putting off: the eye doctor, the dentist, getting that mole checked, or the yearly physical that just keeps slipping away. Go ahead and make the call. Staying informed and on top of your health will help you set goals and catch possible issues before they become big problems.


Try making a simple health related goal. Start with something you know you should do but often forget like remembering to floss twice a day or taking your vitamins each morning. Keep it small and simple, and master it before adding a new goal.  Before you know it, you'll be on your way to a healthier, happier, you!




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Focus Team Presentations
August 7, 12:00 to 1:30, Kroc Center
Focus Teams have been working in advance of the West Side Comp Plan to identify key issues and guiding principles related to four topics: Parks/Trails/Open Space, Housing, Transportation, and Economic Development. Each team will present their findings to the consultant group. A light lunch will be served.