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City of Greenville, South CarolinaJanuary/February 2013, Issue No. 12



Week-long Charrette 


Public input is needed to design a park that potentially could be built near AJ Whittenberg Elementary School, the Kroc Center, and in the area currently occupied by the Public Works facility.
The City's Public Works building is built within a floodplain. The periodic flooding creates added expense, as well as added wear and tear on this facility and its underground utilities. One proposed solution is to relocate public works to drier ground. The move would be costly, but may make financial sense over time.

If public works were to eventually relocate, a potential reuse of this space is a public park. A park could provide a safe place for the Reedy River to flood temporarily. The trees, shrubs, grass, and open space would allow more of the water to soak into the soil, and would more closely reflect the natural function of a floodplain. A park in this area would also help connect west side residents to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and downtown.

This potential park will be the subject of a week-long design charrette where you can be a part of the process, working alongside the consultants in creating the park designs. A charrette is similar to a public meeting, but in addition to presentations, designers will be on hand to hear public comment and draw designs to reflect what they hear. If you have an idea for something to be included in the park, please come join us and let your voice be heard! Everyone is welcome.

Thursday, February 21- 6:00 at the Kroc Center 
      Public Meeting and Project Kick-Off
        This presentation will introduce the project and the        
        Seamon-Whiteside consulting team.

Saturday, February 23 - 9 to 1 at the Kroc Center
     Public Charrette and Work Session 
Monday through Wednesday, February 25 -27, 8:30 to 6:00
at Tabernacle Baptist Church (across from AJ Whittenberg)
     Open-house Public Charrette, Walk-ins are encouraged.
Thursday, February 28- 6:00 at the Kroc Center 
     Public Meeting and Drawing Exhibition
        At this meeting the consultant team will share the drawings  
        they've produced over the previous week, highlight the  
        requests and comments they heard most often, and make
        sure they have documented everyone's comments.
Once the consultant team has collected everyone's suggestions, they will go back to their offices in Greenville to complete the design of three different concepts, or options for what the park could be. These concepts will be the subject of the next public meeting, to be scheduled for sometime in April or May. So, stay tuned to the Connections calendar and project for more updates and exciting public engagement opportunities! 




AJ Whittenberg 

Livability, Safety, and Fitness  


The Connections team set up a photo booth and informational table for A J Whittenberg's Family Fitness night on Jan 8. Alignment consultant Tee Coker handed out fliers on bike safety and talking to children about safety for parents, while Connections intern, Felicia Boulware quizzed students on safety topics such as looking both ways before crossing the street. Students received flashing safety lights and other cool prizes for correct answers before making their way to the "Safety Photo booth" where Livability Educator, Jaclin DuRant and AJW Librarian, Amanda Leblanc, encouraged everyone to be model safe citizens. Check out some of the photos from the photo booth here.

Sustainability Spotlight



Simple, Sustainable, and Warm

By Jaclin DuRant



Keep warm this winter without breaking the budget by following some simple do-it-yourself home winterization tips.


-Clean out your gutters. Once all of the leaves have fallen, make sure that your gutters are clean and clear and downspouts are pointing away from your home's foundation. Clogged gutters can lead to water leaking into your home.


- Check for leaky windows and doors. Use a piece of tissue or a stick of incense to find drafts. Plug leaks around the base of windows and doors with an old fashioned draft protector that you can make yourself. Sew a tube out of scrap fabric and fill it with rice or beans. If you don't sew, use old socks, tights, or even the legs from an old pair of sweat pants. Fill them partially full and tie off any open ends.


- Make sure to clean and inspect your ducts. Ducts should be vacuumed every few years to clear them of dust and debris. Replace or at least vacuum out your air filters as well. A properly maintained heating system can save you money and keep your home warmer.


- Reverse your ceiling fan. Hot air rises. Reversing the direction of your ceiling fans so that they circulate air downward is a simple way to stay warmer.


- Close the vents and the doors to any rooms you don't use. Keep closet and storage room doors closed. There's no reason to use energy to heat rooms that you're not using. Make sure that the vents in the rooms you do use are not blocked by furniture and are clean and clear of debris.


- Open the curtains on the south side of your home during the day to let in the sunlight. Make sure to close them before night fall to keep the heat in.


- Leave the oven door cracked open after baking. Make sure the oven is off, but let that leftover heat out into your kitchen to help warm your space.


- Dress in layers, and make sure to wear warm socks. Staying bundled up will help you resist the temptation to turn the thermostat up.


If you have the extra money to spend, consider replacing older appliances with more efficient ones, as well as adding insulation to your home to help reduce your energy costs and stay warm this winter.





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