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City of Greenville, South CarolinaNovember/December 2012, Issue No. 11
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Champions of the Environment


A J Whittenberg Elementary School has won a "Champions of the Environment" Grant from South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC). The $2,000 award will fund a project developed by the Livability Educator to build a greenhouse and rain water collection station in the school garden. 


The greenhouse will be made from recycled plastic two liter bottles, exemplifying the school's and the livability educator's focus on sustainability, waste reduction, and innovative solutions to issues related to development and resource conservation. The greenhouse will serve as an outreach facility that highlights the connection between storm water reduction and water quality. It will be a unique outdoor classroom component for the school. 


Thanks to SCDHEC for the recognition and award for AJ Whittenberg Elementary! They made a great commercial about the project, and it is available via this link



Turkey Craft
Turn those holiday catalogs into festive centerpieces!


Recycled Holiday Crafts
Each month, the Connections Project's Livability Educator and A J Whittenberg's Librarian team up to teach an afterschool craft with recycled materials. In November, the Green Craft Challenge focused on reusing old magazines and catalogs as a way to rethink the impact that people have on the waste stream. Check out the video on how to make a magazine turkey. In December, they focused on making recycled gifts such as decoupage cd ornaments. Download the Green Craft Challenge Booklet from the Connections website for more great green crafting ideas.




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Ross Chapin Visits Greenville


The City of Greenville and Clarion Associates are working diligently to develop a set of design standards for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) that fits the fabric of Greenville. The City of Greenville and representatives from the Clarion Team hosted the first of two public meetings on November 7. While the Clarion team was here, they met with developers, architects, and community leaders to get a firm understanding of Greenville's need for TOD, multi-family, and non-residential design standards.


Ross Chapin, pioneer of "Pocket Neighborhoods," was the guest speaker at the public meeting. He presented examples of pocket neighborhoods from across the county. He spoke about the positive sense of community that tends to be part of these tight-knit residential developments that share a common green space. Developers and architects, one from as far away as Charleston, attended the meeting.

Sustainability Spotlight




A More Sustainable Holiday

By Jaclin DuRant


The holidays are a time for being thankful for what we have, and for spending time with family and friends. They are a time to be joyful and to give. The holidays are also a wonderful time to make small changes in our lifestyle that can make a big difference for our community and ourselves. Make your family's holiday more eco conscious by following some simple tips:


- Buy local. Greenville is home to many fantastic small businesses. Purchase gifts and food from local artists, farmers, and stores to help our community have a more prosperous holiday season.


- Change the focus of dinner and have more vegetables. Eating lower on the food chain is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Try using seasonal produce for a holiday feast filled with baked apples, roasted butternut squash, sweet potatoes, beets, pumpkin pie, and tasty greens.


- Gather your decorations. Forgo the electric blow-up characters and make your own decorations from seasonal greenery. Every year, I gather pine boughs and holly branches and arrange them on the hearth. Mix in some pine cones and bundles of sticks in glass jars for a rustic natural look that doesn't cost a dime.


- Reuse. Give gifts in reusable bags or wrapped in recycled newspaper. Let the kids paint the newspaper first for one of a kind wrapping paper that will be appreciated more than anything bought in the store.


- Turn off the electronics. Bring back some of the homey feel of the holidays by having an evening that doesn't involve the computer, the smart phone, video games, or the TV. Have a sing-a-long, tell stories, play board games, or get outside and take a family walk. Make it a weekly tradition throughout the holiday season.


- Donate your time. Giving isn't all about money. This time of year is a great time of year to volunteer at a local soup kitchen, to go spend some time with senior citizens, or to help a neighbor in need with a project around the house. There are many ways that we can give of our time and talents without spending a dime.


- Make something yourself. Homemade gifts or cards are doubly special to those who receive them. Whatever you choose to do and however you celebrate, we wish you and yours a joyful holiday season. 




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