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Paper drink cartons are common in everyday life, whether it is your pint of half and half or your quart of orange juice, you will most likely come across this packaging daily. Do you know how to properly dispose it though?

When disposing of your paper milk cartons and orange juice cartons, they must be placed in the landfill receptacle. These cartons are made from paperboard material coated in low-density polyethylene (plastic) that is not recyclable in Centre County or Penn State because it is a mixed material. 
Items that look like this are not recyclable in Centre County or Penn State.
We highly suggest that you make every attempt to use plastic or glass milk jugs when possible. Plastic milk jugs are recyclable and being used to produce useful items. 

Plastic milk jugs can be recycled and used to create polyboard, which is a building material created from recycled plastic. There are several local manufacturers that use polyboard to create furniture, similar to the chair pictured.The items that they create are ecologically responsible and easy to care for. 
Make the responsible decision and purchase recyclable products when possible!

If you have any questions, please contact recycle@psu.edu or tweet questions to@sustainPSU.


Your Green Team
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