Hello from Your Green Team,

So, what exactly is compost?

Compost begins as various plants and animals. When these parts decay, nutrient rich soil, compost, is created.
This soil is then used to fertilize plants. Anything that was once living can be used to make compost, including:

Food waste, even bonesPaper napkins, tissues, and towels
Chewing gumCardboard-soiled or wax coated
Coffee grounds and tea bagsPizza boxes
Flowers and other plant materialsWooden stirrers and toothpicks
Wet and/or soiled paper products

Items marked "Compostable"


Helpful Hint:  Look for the containers lined with green bags to know where to place your compostable materials.
If you have any questions, please contact recycle@psu.edu or tweet questions to @sustainPSU.
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