Looking for some help in setting your You@PSU goals before the August 31st deadline? Help is here. Penn State's new performance management system aims to align each worker's efforts to their unit and the University's strategic plans. Many colleges and units included sustainability into their strategic plans and we have developed example goals that you can customize to fit you and your unit. If you have goals that you would like to share with others, please send them to us and we will add them to the collection.
Campus Catering turns to composting to eliminate table trash

Campus Catering has made strides towards a more sustainable business model over the past eight years, going from having almost 100% of their waste go to landfill to now being close to net-zero waste. What high impact change did they make? Making biodegradable wares the standard.
Change your words, change your world

An inspirational video with a great reminder: when struggling in our efforts to communicate with others, try changing the words to make the message more meaningful.
Möbius outreach email templates
The academic year is starting, bringing with it the hustle and bustle of back-to-school activity. However, it also presents Green Teams with new opportunities to connect with your peers and help them take action.

To help save time on your outreach efforts, we've drafted some email templates on common recycling questions. You can simply copy the templates from the Word documents and paste them into the body of the emails you draft and tweak the content and text formatting to fit your specific audience.

The templates can be found on the Training/Resources section of the Green Teams webpages under the Recycling category and Guides, Checklists and Activities section. We will be adding more templates this month.

You can download the first two templates below:

Penn State says "Goodbye to Green" to move sustainability into the mainstream

We've taken great strides to mainstream our messages so that our audience doesn't dismiss sustainability as a fringe activity. Check out this poster about how to make your calls to action for sustainability appeal to a wider audience.
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