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Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens in Truckee, California

On August 27, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for California's latest hydrogen fueling station, located in Truckee, outside of Lake Tahoe.  The fueling station, operated by True Zero, received funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC), and is 21st retail station to open in the state.

State and Local officials cut ribbon during opening ceremony Source: CEC

For a map of all open stations in the state, click here

For a link to the full release, click here

Hyundai Rolls Out Model 2017 Tucson Fuel Cell to California Dealerships

On August 31, Hyundai announced that it would continue its leasing program for the 2017 model year Tucson Fuel Cell SUV, Hyundai's fuel cell vehicle (FCV), which originally debuted in 2014 in California.

2017 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell SUV Source: Hyundai 

 The Tucson FCV is available at five California dealerships. The lease includes complimentary vehicle maintenance and free hydrogen fuel. 

For a link to the full article, click here

Toyota Announces 2017 Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle Pricing

On September 20, Toyota released leasing details for the 2017 model of its Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV).   Toyota will lease the Mirai to California customers at one of eight authorized dealers for $349 a month with a $2,499 down payment.

2017 Toyota Mirai FCV Source: Toyota

The lease also comes with three years of complimentary hydrogen fuel, three years of no-cost scheduled maintenance, and other customer support features.  Toyota is also making a new color option available - Atmospheric Blue. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

FuelCell Energy Announces Operations Commencement of Wastewater Fuel Cell Power

On September 7, FuelCell Energy announced the completion of construction and commercial operation of a megawatt (MW) class wastewater fuel cell power plant at the Riverside Regional Water Quality Control Plant in Riverside, California. 

FuelCell Energy Wastewater Power Plant Source: FuelCell Energy

The water quality control plant generates methane gas, which is captured using anaerobic digesters, cleaned, and utilized by the fuel cells to generate carbon-free power.  Approximately two-thirds of the methane biogas generated is utilized by the fuel cells, generating one-third of the facility's power requirements.

For a link to the full press release, click here

True Zero Breaks Electric Vehicle Mileage Record with Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicles

On September 16, True Zero, a hydrogen infrastructure company in California, announced that it had broken the Guinness World Record electric vehicle mileage, completing a total of 1,438 miles driven in a 24 hour period.  True Zero utilized two Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) to break the record.

True Zero Officials in Toyota Mirai FCVs refueling at Truckee, California Hydrogen Station Source: True Zero

The drive, which started in Long Beach, California, passed through six of the seven largest cities in California, and crossed the state's boundary into Reno. True Zero's hydrogen fueling stations in Long Beach, Harris Ranch, Truckee, Mill Valley, Saratoga, and Santa Barbara were used to refuel the FCVs during the drive, as was a hydrogen fueler in Sacramento operated by Linde.

For a link to the full press release, click here.

Intelligent Energy Showcases Light-Weight Fuel Cell Stacks For UAVs at InterDrone Conference

On September 7, Intelligent Energy showcased a fuel cell-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone at the InterDrone Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Intelligent Energy fuel cell powered UAV Source: BBC

The company demonstrated the benefits light-weight fuel cell technology in-flight at the conference and displayed models of its miniaturized fuel cell stacks.  Fuel cell-powered drones offer advantages in flight time and range due to the reduced weight requirements compared to batteries. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

Anglo American Platinum Adds to Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Portfolio with Investment in Gas to Liquids Technology Company

On September 15, Anglo American Platinum announced an investment in Greyrock Energy, a gas-to-liquid technology company that uses platinum-based catalysts to convert methane feedstocks into transportation fuels, including hydrogen.  

Anglo American Platinum aims to accelerate development of Greyrock's technology, aiding in the commercial deployment of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) by providing alternative sources of hydrogen fuel.  The technology also helps address the environmental issues of gas flaring as well.  

Anglo American Platinum's investment adds to its portfolio of hydrogen and fuel cell technology interests, including Altergy Systems, Ballard Power Systems, Hydrogenious Technologies, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, and United Hydrogen Group.

For a link to the full article, click here

Governor Cuomo Announces $3 Million Available to Municipalities for Zero-Emission Vehicles and Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

On September 8, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announced $3 million in funding to advance the purchase or lease of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs), including fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).  Rebates will be provided through the State's Environmental Protection Fund as part of New York's commitment to the Eight State ZEV Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which set a goal of 3.3 million ZEVs on the road by 2025.

As part of the program, New York municipalities will be eligible for reimbursement of up $5,000 for purchase or leasing of eligible ZEV, and up to $250,000 per facility for installation of eligible electric vehicle supply equipment or hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure.  Up to $1,000,000 in funding is available for hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

For a link to the full press release, click here

3M Showcases Fuel Cell Technology at K 2016 Trade Fair

On September 12, 3M and its subsidiary Dyneon showcased novel-fluoropolymer technology for fuel cells at the K 2016 fair in Dusseldorf, the world's largest plastics and rubber trade show.

Use of high-tech floropolymers allows fuel cell stacks to more durably withstand the chemical and temperature restrictions required for operation, increasing lifespan.

3M recently received a funding award from the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) under theIntegration and Optimization of Novel Ion-Conducting Solids (IONICS) program.  3M will use the funding to develop low-cost hydrocarbon chain-based membranes for fuel cells. 

For a link to the full article,  click here

Plug Power and Mitsubishi Nichiyu Show Fuel Cell Powered Forklift at Logis Tech Tokyo

On September 14, Plug Power announced that its partner, Mitsubishi Nichiyu, displayed its GenDrive Model 1600 fuel cell system in industrial truck applications at Logis Tech Tokyo, Japan.  Mitsubishi Nichiyu is one of the world's largest fuel cell manufacturers. 

Mitsubishi has been testing a GenDrive fuel cell-powered forklift at its facilities since June of this year. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

ITM Power Announces Completion of Upgrade to M1 Hydrogen Fueling Station

On September 22, ITM Power announced the completion of a 700-bar upgrade to Rotherham hydrogen fueling station, located at the Hydrogen Mini Grid at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, UK.

ITM upgraded the original 350-bar system to a BOC/Linde 700-bar hydrogen system, which uses an onsite electrolyzer to convert wind energy into hydrogen fuel, and can dispense hydrogen at both 350 and 700 bar pressures. 

The ITM Power hydrogen fueling station was originally funded by a 2.89 million ($3.75 million) grant from the UK's Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for two hydrogen fueling stations in the London area.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Air Liquide Acquires the First Toyota Mirai FCV Delivered in France

On September 9, Air Liquide received the keys to the first Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV) in France, at an event at Air Liquide's hydrogen fueling station in Paris. Toyota will deliver additional Mirai FCVs to partners helping accelerate hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the country.

Air Liquide and Toyota Officials with first Mirai FCV  in France

For a link to the full press release, click here.

Mercedes-Benz Provides Citaro Fuel Cell Bus Shuttle Service at the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover

On September 15, Mercedes-Benz announced that one of its fuel cell buses (FCBs), the Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid, would shuttle attendees of  2016 IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show at the Hanover Exhibitor Grounds in Hanover, Germany. 

Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid fuel cell bus Source: Daimler

The Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid FCB has already proved itself as a vehicle for long-term testing in regular service with the Hamburger Hochbahn transport company in Germany.

For a link to the full article, click here

Black & Veatch Release White Paper on U.S. Hydrogen Infrastructure Progress 

On September 14, Black & Veatch's Smart Integrated Infrastructure Business released a white paper on the progress of hydrogen fueling structure in the United States.  The white paper addresses roadblocks to the deployment of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), and offers recommendations for automaker, as well as state and local governments.

For a link to the full white paper, click here

Methanol Institute Launches Redesigned Website

On September 21, the Methanol Institute launched a redesigned website with new branding and graphics.  The website includes a variety of information on methanol, including its use as fuel in fuel cell applications.

For a link to the new website, click here.

Hyundai Unveils H350 Fuel Cell Powered-Van at 2016 IAA Hanover 

On September 21, Hyundai officially unveiled the H350 Fuel Cell Concept at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany, taking place from September 21 - 29.  The vehicle features a 175 liter, 700-bar hydrogen fuel tank, and can travel 422 kilometers (262 miles) on a single refueling.
Hyundai H350 Fuel Cell Van Cutaway Showing Hydrogen Tanks and Fuel Cell Source: Hyundai

The concept fuel cell vehicle (FCV) features room for up to 14 passengers, and is suited for a variety of commercial applications. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

FuelCell Energy Megawatt-Scale Industrial Fuel Cell Power Plant Enters Operation in Europe

On September 19, officials from FRIATEC AG, a plastics and building services company located in Mannheim, Germany, announced the start of operations of a 1.4 megawatt (MW) fuel cell power plant at its facility.  The fuel cell system was jointly developed by E.ON and FuelCell Energy, and is the largest of its kind in Europe. 

FuelCell Energy power plant at FRIATEC AG facility Source: FuelCell Energy

The fuel cell system will reduce CO2 emissions by 3,000 tons each year, and will provided combined heat and power (CHP) to the facility for at least ten years.

For a link to the full article, click here

Toyota Commissions Fuel Cell-Powered Zero Emissions Building at Honsha, Japan Plant

On October 12, Toyota Motor Corp. announced that it had installed  a 3.5 kilowatt (kW) stationary fuel cell-powered energy management facility at its Honsha, Japan plant.  The fuel cells were manufactured by Toshiba, and went into operation on September 12. 

The fuel cell installation is part of a broader effort by Toyota to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency at its facilities.  The fuel cell system provides power in tandem with a solar array, as well as usable heat which is used for air conditioning at the facility. For a link to more information on the Honsha plant and emissions reductions at Toyota, click here

For a link to the full article, click here

H2 Aberdeen Receives Grand Prix Award at Low Carbon Champions Award Winners 2016

On September 16, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership announced H2 Aberdeen, a project to deploy hydrogen-powered public transportation to Aberdeen, Scotland, as the Grand Prix winners of the 2016 Low Carbon Champions Awards.  The Aberdeen hydrogen project is the largest deployment of fuel cell powered-buses in Europe.

Toyota also received the automaker award for its work in the development and launch of the Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV) as part of its vision of a low-carbon future. 

For a link to the full article, click here

Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh Featured Speaker at Wuhan Innovation Summit in China

On September 20, Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh spoke at the Wuhan HOME Innovation Summit, which took place in Wuhan, China.  Marsh spoke during a session titled "Hydrogen Powered Vehicles: Hydrogen Energy Changes Life and Future," and provided details on Plug Power's GenKey hydrogen fuel cell solution for industrial mobility.

Marsh noted that Plug Power fuel cells are powering more than 13,000 vehicles today, with more than 120 million hours in real-world applications.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Hyundai Signs Deal to Provide Fuel Cell Vehicles as Taxis in South Korea

On September 12, Hyundai announced that it signed a deal with a local government in South Korea to provide its Tucson fuel cell vehicle (FCV) for use in taxi fleets.

As part of the deal, Hyundai will deliver 10 Tucson FCVs to the city of Ulsan, where they will be operated as cabs.  Additionally, the automaker will provide FCVs for use in a car sharing program in Gwangju, South Korea. 

For a link to the full article, click here.

Toyota Utilizing Sewage to Create Hydrogen Fuel in Japan

In Fukouka, Japan, Toyota has begun utilizing solid sewage from a wastewater treatment plant to generate pure hydrogen fuel.  At the plant, microorganisms are introduced to solid waste, which creates biogas that is then purified into hydrogen fuel by removing CO2. 

The Fukouka plant produces 300 kilograms of emissions-free hydrogen each day, enough for 65 Mirai fuel cell vehicles.

For a link to the full article, click here

FuelCell Energy to Deploy Breakthrough Efficiency Fuel Cell Power Generation Solution at Distributed Generation Scale

On September 6, FuelCell Energy announced the development of a 3.7 megawatt (MW) utility-scale fuel cell power plant, located in Danbury, Connecticut, to demonstrate efficient fuel cell power generation.

The DFC3000 fuel cell power plant operates with two fuel cells in a 2.8 MW parallel configuration, with a third fuel cell utilizing unused fuel from the other two modules, as well as heat and natural gas to produce additional power.  The plant will only occupy one-quarter acre of land, while producing the equivalent power for approximately 3,700 homes. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

Australian Government, Hyundai agree to Provide Fuel Cell Fleet Vehicles as Part of $180 Million Hydrogen Storage Investment Deal

On August 30, Australian Central Territories (ACT) government officials announced $180 million AUD ($136.6 million) in hydrogen storage investment by Australian energy companies Neoen, Megawatt, and Union Fenosa, as part of a renewable energy project auction.  As part of the deal, Hyundai will provide 20 ix35 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) for use by select fleets.  Furthermore, the Australian capital of Canberra will receive Australia's first hydrogen fueling station outside Hyundai's Sydney headquarters. 

Australian Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Simon Corbell and Chief Minister Andrew Barr Source: Canberra Times

Neoen and Megawatt will invest $55 million AUD ($41.7 million), in partnership with Siemens and Hyundai, to develop a 1.25 megawatt (MW) hydrogen electrolyzer project. Union Fenosa will also invest $125 million AUD ($94.9 million) on research and development efforts towards the efficient production of renewable hydrogen fuel. 

For a link to the full article, click here

FedFederal Program News

National Lab and Industry Developed HySTEP Device Receives Far West FLC Award

On September 1, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Sandia National Laboratory (SNL), Air Liquide, Boyd Hydrogen, California Air Resources Board (ARB) and Toyota were all selected as recipients of the  Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Far West Region Award.  The group was awarded for its work in designing, building, testing, and deploying the Hydrogen Station Equipment Performance (HySTEP) device.

 HySTEP Device Source: Powertech labs

HySTEP has been critical in saving manufacturer time and resources in testing and certifying hydrogen fueling stations by measuring fueling performance at each station. The Device  was developed under the H2FIRST project, with funding provided by the Department of Energy.

For a link to the full press release, click here

DOE Releases International Hydrogen Infrastructure Update Webinar Slides

On August 30, the Department of Energy's Fuel Cell Technologies Office (DOE FCTO) released slides from a webinar providing an update on international hydrogen infrastructure developments. 

The slides covered hydrogen infrastructure deployments around the world, as well as a primer on inter-governmental partnerships to advance hydrogen and fuel cell technology. 

For a link to a PDF of the slides, click here

Sandia National Lab Develops New Type of Fuel Cell Membrane 

On September 7, Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) announced the development of a novel polyphenyline fuel cell membrane that can operate over a wide temperature range, and achieve lifetimes up to 3 times longer than current generation membranes.

Sandia researches demonstrate clarity of new membrane Source: SNL

SNL was able to utilize an ammonium ion-pair fuel cell technology developed at Los Alomos National Lab (LANL) to combine phosphates with its patented membrane technology, creating a more stable, durable cell. 

For a link to the full press release, click here.

UpcomingUpcoming Events

Register for the 2016 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium

On September 26 and 27, the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition (OFCC) will host the Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium at Stark State College. 

The event will feature a Department of Energy Session on "Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain Development" and a supply chain exchange. 

For a link to register for the symposium, click here

California Air Resources Board Advanced Clean Cars Symposium "The Road Ahead"

From September 27-28, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) will host a clean car symposium titled "The Road Ahead," which will bring together automakers, stakeholders, and suppliers to discuss the recently released Draft Technical Assessment Report. 

The event, located at the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD) facilities in Diamond Bar, California, will cover technology developments, infrastructure deployment, emissions, and other topics relevant to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) such as fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). 

More information will be made available soon.  For a link to the full event, click here
Electric & Hybrid Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium Release Call for Speakers

The Electric & Hybrid Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium, which takes place in Cologne, Germany  from November 9-10, will bring together R&D engineers and heads of design and engineering from around the world to discuss, debate and analyze the growing possibilities and future developments for the hybridization and full electrification of construction, industrial and off-highway vehicles, including fuel cell vehicle (FCVs).

International Zero Emission Bus Conference and 10th Edition Fuel Cell Bus Workshop 

From November 30 - December 1, the International Zero Emission Bus Conference and 10th Edition Fuel Cell Bus Workshop will bring together global experts in clean transit solutions to discuss among other topics:
  •  state of play of battery electric and fuel cell buses
  •  policies and programs that support these technologies
  •  lessons learned from current zero emission bus deployments
  •  brainstorming strategies to encourage adoption
For a link to register for the event, click here

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Request for Papers, Proposals, and Information

DOE Issues Request for Information on H2@Scale

On September 13, Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a request for information (RFI) to gather feedback on H2@Scale, a concept to enable wide-scale deployment of hydrogen to deeply decarbonize the U.S. electricity generation, transportation, and industrial sectors. 

Examples of areas where feedback is needed include hydrogen production with renewables and process heat (e.g., from nuclear generation), materials development for high-temperature operation, analyses to project necessary energy storage and distribution infrastructure, and development of value-added applications for hydrogen in the industrial sector.

RFI responses are due by close of business on November 4, 2016.

For a link to the full RFI, click here

Ninesigma Request for Proposals - Separating Oxygen from Water 

On September 12, Ninesigma issued a request for proposals (RFP) on behalf of a global manufacturer for a joint research partner in the development of technology to separate oxygen from water with low-energy.

The client considers that the key to continuously separate hydrogen from water is to improve the efficiency of oxygen separation, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of supplying hydrogen fuel.

RFP responses are due by October 12, 2016.

For a link to the full RFP, including technical details click here

Call For Speakers - Hydrogen and Fuel Cells into the Mainstream

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells into the Mainstream is an industry facing conference, taking place on March 14, 2017 at the NEC Birmingham, UK , giving those already involved in the sector the opportunity to hear about and discuss new developments and examples of delivery  but also aiming to attract participants who want to understand how this technology fits into the future energy mix. The conference will focus on the following areas:
  • Transport - Private Vehicles | Public Transport | Heavy Goods Vehicles  
  • Hydrogen Infrastructure, Production and Storage - Grid Support | Refueling | Delivery | Onsite Production 
  • Large and Small Scale application -  Domestic | Workplace | Miscellaneous
  • Investment and IP - Private Investment  | Public Investment  | Business Growth  
For a link to the full event page, click here

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